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Juanita Pansock: The Crowned Queen of Blackbottom

The Life and Legacy of Juanita Pansock: Honored as the ‘Queen of Blackbottom’

Juanita Pansock, a remarkable woman known for her tenacity and unwavering spirit, was a formidable presence yet deeply caring and protective, especially towards her loved ones. Her kindness and nurturing nature left a lasting impression on all who crossed her path, a quality she passed down to her children.

On March 18, at the age of 94, Juanita peacefully passed away. She was the seventh child among the twelve offspring of Fred and Susan Holtsclaw, affectionately referred to by a friend as one of the “Holsclaw dirty dozen.”

A lifelong resident of Blackbottom, Juanita was recently bestowed with the title of the “Queen of Blackbottom.”

I had the pleasure of participating in a chair aerobics class alongside Juanita at the Elizabethton Senior Center some years back. Her sharp wit and ability to bring laughter to others were truly remarkable. While most reserved socializing for before the class, Juanita’s lively spirit made even the aerobics sessions enjoyable.

Describing her mother, Susie Johns fondly recalled Juanita as a versatile individual capable of excelling in various roles. From maintaining a pristine household to working outside, showcasing culinary skills, and wholeheartedly supporting her children’s endeavors, Juanita epitomized resilience and dedication.

Juanita’s professional journey commenced at Yates Remnant Shop, where she assisted her sister Pauline, before joining Texas Instruments until her retirement.

Susie depicted her mother as a pillar of strength, imparting invaluable virtues to her children. Juanita’s emphasis on hard work, frugality, and education resonated deeply with her offspring, fostering a culture of perseverance and ambition.

Active involvement in St. Elizabeth Catholic Church remained a cornerstone of Juanita’s life until her physical limitations constrained her attendance, thereafter finding solace in televised sermons by Dr. David Jeremiah and Dr. Charles Stanley.

An Elvis Presley enthusiast, Juanita cherished Sundays listening to his religious melodies and cherished memories of attending his concert at Freedom Hall.

Renowned for her culinary and creative skills, Juanita’s talents extended to sewing, cooking, and a myriad of other endeavors. Her handmade wedding dress for Susie stands as a testament to her craftsmanship and love for her family.

Juanita’s vivacious personality, sprinkled with occasional colorful language, added a unique charm to her interactions. Her assertiveness, evident even in sports events, showcased her unwavering spirit and sense of justice.

Fondly remembered for her generosity and warm demeanor, Juanita touched the lives of many, offering a helping hand and friendship to those in need.

Married to Mike Pansock, Juanita was a devoted mother to Anne, Teresa, Michael, and John Pansock, in addition to being a loving grandmother and great-grandmother.

Juanita Pansock’s adventurous spirit and willingness to step beyond her comfort zone to aid a friend truly encapsulate the essence of a life well-lived.

In the words of Helen Keller, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all,” a sentiment Juanita Pansock embodied wholeheartedly.

The absence of Juanita Pansock will undoubtedly leave a void in Blackbottom, a community she enriched with her presence and warmth.