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Selfless Act: Teen’s Kidney Saves Father’s Life, Benefits 5 Others Nationwide

HOLLYWOOD, FLA. (WSVN) – A 13-year-old from South Florida bestowed a final gift upon her father, a gift that turned out to be the most precious of all.

Symaria Glenn, known for her vibrant personality and talents in singing and dancing, shone brightly in the lives of those around her.

Described by her mother, Dhima Martin, as a beloved individual who excelled in volleyball, academics, and sisterhood, Symaria’s sudden complaint of a severe headache on Jan. 31 took a grave turn unbeknownst to her and her family.

What initially appeared as a mere headache was, in fact, a critical brain hemorrhage that left Symaria unconscious by the time paramedics reached her. Tragically, she never regained consciousness.

Upon confirmation of brain death by Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, Symaria’s family made the poignant decision to honor her legacy through organ donation.

“Her impact was profound, making everyone feel cherished and appreciated,” expressed Martin. “By choosing to donate her organs, she continues to live on.”

Dr. Linda Chen, a kidney transplant surgeon at Memorial Regional Hospital, shared, “This is the story of a teenager who, despite her untimely passing and being declared brain dead, selflessly gifted six organs to five individuals across Florida and the United States.”

Symaria’s act of generosity not only bestowed life upon others but also brought hope to her father, Shawn Glenn, who had been grappling with kidney failure and languishing on the organ transplant waitlist since 2020.

Reflecting on his daughter’s altruism, Shawn remarked, “She was simply extraordinary. I am filled with pride.”

In a touching tribute back in February, hospital staff, loved ones, and friends honored Symaria’s memory with a ceremonial walk from the ICU to the operating room.

Martin reflected, “At that moment, her physical form had transcended. Why not offer the chance of life to another, to another family?”

The following day, Shawn bid farewell to his daughter before undergoing surgery to receive her kidney.

“She used to call me her guardian, but now she’s my guardian angel,” Shawn tearfully expressed.

Symaria’s enduring legacy lives on through the lives she touched, providing solace to her grieving parents in their moments of deepest sorrow.

“I was privileged to be her mother, blessed to have her in my life, but she will always be God’s child first,” shared Martin. “She continues to save lives, including her father’s, and she is finally at peace.”

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