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Man Sentenced to Life in Prison for Murder Related to Video Game Console

MOBILE, Alabama – In Mobile County Circuit Court on Tuesday, Lecarey Dionte Lett faced the judge’s scrutiny for the murder he confessed to committing by shooting a man eight times during a dispute over a video game. The incident, captured on surveillance video, took place in a sports bar parking lot off Airport Boulevard in 2021.

Expressing her dismay at the senseless nature of the crime, Judge Brandy Hambright sentenced the 29-year-old Lett to life in prison. The sentencing triggered an emotional reaction from one of Lett’s relatives, who was escorted out of the courtroom by security guards. Emotions ran high as Mary Foster, the grandmother of the victim Kelon Foster, fainted after delivering a statement during the hearing.

Foster, seeking the maximum penalty, emphasized that Lett should not be allowed to freely interact with innocent people in society. Lett, who pleaded guilty to murder in March, also faced a first-degree assault charge, which prosecutors agreed not to pursue if he and a co-defendant compensated the victim in that case with $14,473 for medical bills and lost wages.

During the court proceedings, Lett expressed his deep remorse through handwritten statements, apologizing to Foster’s family and his own. His defense attorney, Christine Hernandez, affirmed the sincerity of his apology and his willingness to take full responsibility for his actions.

Mary Foster, grieving the loss of two sons and her youngest grandchild, described the profound impact of the tragedy on her family. Karen Foster, the victim’s mother, remembered her son as a generous and hardworking individual, referring to him as her “miracle baby.”

The fatal outcome stemmed from Lett’s frustration over a malfunctioning video game system purchased from Kelon Foster on Facebook Marketplace. Ellis Foster Jr, a cousin of the victim, condemned the murder as senseless and heartbreaking, emphasizing that the conflict could have been resolved peacefully.

Despite the sentencing of life in prison for Lett, Ellis Foster acknowledged the irreparable loss his family had suffered. He also highlighted the need for stricter gun laws, advocating for changes to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

Lett, mandated by state law to serve a minimum of 15 years before parole consideration, was denied a request to delay his incarceration for a farewell visit with his children. While incarcerated, he will have the opportunity to maintain a connection with his family, unlike his victim.

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