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Heartwarming Tales: How Companions in Various Forms Can Transform Your World

Ashley Nicole, 40

“In my journey as a bodybuilder living with rheumatoid arthritis, I encounter distinctive obstacles. My mentor, , not only acknowledges my constraints but also fearlessly pushes me beyond my comfort zone. In moments of mental fatigue, Coach Fe’s backing and motivation keep me aligned and concentrated. Observing her presence in the audience at every competition, rooting for me with limitless enthusiasm, fills my heart with delight. With Coach Fe’s direction, I eagerly await more triumphs, both on the stage and in life.”

Tatiana Lampa, 32

“After my husband, Mike, was diagnosed with kidney failure a month after our engagement, we embarked on a journey to save his life. Over a year later, we made a pact to never sleep upset—instead, we share a humorous video or a lighthearted moment from our day and laugh together before bedtime. We refuse to let our challenges dictate our identities. Together, we can overcome any adversity.”

Claudette Sariya, 30

”Whom I collaborated with at Life Time, offered me my initial opportunity in the fitness field. I will always remember the instance when he phoned me to inquire if I understood the position I had applied for, as I had submitted a resume for public relations and marketing. After expressing my enthusiasm for fitness, he welcomed me aboard and integrated me into the team. I studied for my personal trainer certification during shifts and grasped the intricacies of establishing a business. He illustrated to me the possibilities the fitness realm could provide—and helped me recognize my own potential as well.”

Almoni Ellis, 26

a man and woman posing for a pictureCourtesy of Almoni Ellis

“My mentor in powerlifting, , exemplifies leadership, sagacity, and perseverance. Upon joining the Sam Strong powerlifting squad, I lacked top-notch gear. Sam generously provided me with a set of her knee sleeves and wrist wraps, which significantly enhanced my lifting technique. This marked my first encounter with her altruism and empathy, and it certainly was not the last. Since then, she has been a source of life counsel, presented career-altering opportunities, and supported me in every possible way.”

Brittany Spencer, 35

“I affectionately call her my ‘swolemate.’ She entered my life during a challenging period; I was disoriented and on the verge of despondency. However, from our initial interaction, I sensed it was a secure environment. We prioritize mental health check-ins, and our dialogues consistently leave me feeling empowered and uplifted. Maya consistently reminds me not to settle or permit my fears to hinder me from dreaming big.”

Patricia Greaves, 56

“My spouse, Tyrone, is the cornerstone of my existence. Following the birth of our three daughters, I daringly decided to participate in a bodybuilding competition at 43. Ty stood by me, offering encouragement and support throughout a challenging training regimen—and he celebrated my victory when I finally obtained my pro card at 51! Together, we have nurtured a wonderful family that prioritizes health and wellness.”

Nellie Barnett, 30

“I vividly recall stepping into ’s office at her gym in Vista, California, to outline my fitness aspirations. Kailey cultivated an inclusive community at NCFP where members were, and continue to be, eager to visit the gym! I developed a passion for fitness and now operate my own online coaching enterprise. Kailey instilled in me the belief that teamwork brings out the very best in oneself.”

Ari Cobb, 27

“As I prepared for my amateur MMA title bout, I grappled with considerable anxiety and self-doubt. Engaging in coaching sessions with fellow fighter , I uncovered the underlying causes of these emotions, enabling me to better manage and overcome them. I felt validated, understood, and completely at peace, irrespective of the fight’s outcome. Through her guidance, I discovered the beauty and potential of this sport.”

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Amanda Lucci is the director of special projects at Women’s Health and a NASM-certified personal trainer with over 12 years of experience in writing, editing, and overseeing social media strategies for national and international publications.