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Tens of thousands watch documentary honoring life and legacy of Trooper Chad Walker

WACO, Texas (KWTX) – A local documentary about the life of fallen State Trooper Chad Walker has been viewed by tens of thousands of people both online and on television following the production’s debut in Walker’s hometown of Groesbeck a week ago.

Walker died in 2021 when he was shot after stopping to help what he thought was a stranded motorist on the side of the road.

The film “Trooper Chad Walker” was shown last week at the Groesbeck Convention Center in front of hundreds of attendees which included family, friends, and law enforcement.

The nonprofit that produced the film, Archway of Hope, which has a mission to offer hope to those who have lost someone too soon, wanted to make Walker’s life could be shared by everyone. It posted the hour and a half long documentary to YouTube, and the response has been overwhelming.

In less than a week, nearly 10,000 people have viewed it.

“I know it has a powerful message. Chad lived a very distinct life,” said Walker’s wife, Tobie Walker.   “I love that fact he’s being honored in this way.  It speaks for itself that Chad was larger than life.  I’m not surprised. I mean, I hate the way that it’s come about, but I think he would say that he’d knew he would get a movie for himself one day.”

KWTX also aired the film Saturday evening after 10 p.m. newscast. Preliminary numbers showed nearly 25,000 people viewed it on KWTX live.

Walker’s documentary was the fifth film produced by Archway of Hope with the help of 360 Solutions, a local marketing agency.

The films have shared the stories of two teens who died in accidents, one young boy who died of an accidental shooting, and another who died of suicide.

The nonprofit uses the films to not only honor the memory of the person who died,  but also spread hope by showing how their friends and family have put one foot in front of the other following the life-changing events.

Walker’s documentary was no different.

“Archway tells story of life, loss and hope and the Walker family is the perfect example of building your life after a tragic life,” said Archway President Paul Allison.  “This is also a powerful tribute to our first responders who risk and sacrifice every day to keep our communities safe.”