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Organ donor attends PCH “Donate Life” ceremony

PRINCETON, . (WVVA) – Organ donation is arguably the most precious gift that anyone can give. Right now, there is a need for these donors’ coast to coast. Approximately 100,00 people across the nation are awaiting an organ transplant.

Here in the two Virginias, a ceremony was staged today to highlight the importance of giving this precious gift of life.

Princeton Community Hospital had a flag raising ceremony today, aimed at raising awareness about organ donation. The message on the flag said it all: “Donate Life”.

There were several guest speakers that attend this event, including a ‘living donor’. It’s a person who literally gives someone in need a piece of themself to save a life. Not many people, including Matt Adams, were even aware of living donors.

“Never heard of living donors. “ He said. “Other than kidney.”

Last year, Adams donated a part of his liver to a colleague, Dr. Amos Lane, who had been suffering with liver failure. Now he’s stressing the fact that a countless number of people, unknowingly walk around, unaware of the fact they have the power inside them to save someone’s life.

“You must be certain level of ill before you can get on a deceased list for a liver.” Adams informed us. “Most people who by the time get on that list, will not qualify. It is very difficult to get a liver from a deceased donor. A living liver is a tremendous need.”

Laurene Stone was another speaker here. She represents the Center for Organ Recovery & Education, better known as C.O.R.E. She says the mountains in our region does not shield the need for organ donors.

“In the state of West Virginia specifically, there are 500 people listed for needing a transplant.” Said Stone. “As a community, West Virginia has a need.”

Adams says while his gift of life went to a colleague, it’s not a connection that’s required when it comes to being a match with someone in need of organ donation.

“I just think that when you are presented an opportunity in life to affect somebody else in a positive way.” He said. “I think we should all take that opportunity.”

Adams and Stone both say that opportunity to donate life is available to virtually everyone.

If you are seriously interested in organ donation, Adams recommends you could visit a transplant center.

You can also sign up to be an organ donor on your driver, hunting and fishing license.