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A Fresh Start for Downtown Rochester’s Iconic Michaels Restaurant Site

Revitalizing a Rochester Landmark

In the heart of downtown Rochester, new vitality is on the horizon for a site that has stood vacant for a decade. The complex that once housed the beloved Michaels Restaurant—a local staple for 63 years—is poised for a transformative redevelopment. Among the several buildings at this prime Broadway location, the smallest structure at 9 South Broadway is set for an exciting new chapter as it undergoes renovations to become a modern office space.

A Strategic Shift for Local Business

This redevelopment is spearheaded by PRE Holdings, a real estate firm representing the Pappas family, the original owners of Michaels Restaurant. The renovation plans include converting the historical building into three distinct office units. Tom Hexum, representing the Pappas family, has expressed optimism about moving downtown, seeing it as a prime opportunity amidst other businesses departing the area. This move signals a significant shift in downtown Rochester’s business landscape, as PRE Holdings plans to relocate their offices to this newly refurbished space, alongside an unnamed law firm.

Future Prospects Amidst Stalled Developments

While the revival of the 9 South Broadway building is underway, the fate of the adjacent properties remains uncertain. Owned by Titan Development & Investments, the demolition of the other four buildings has been paused, leading to speculation about the future of this key downtown block. Titan, a major local developer, has hinted at potential plans that could include essential services such as an urban grocery store and student housing, aiming to further enhance downtown Rochester’s appeal and meet community needs.

This strategic redevelopment not only promises to breathe new life into a long-neglected area but also aims to serve as a catalyst for broader urban regeneration, aligning with Rochester’s vision for a vibrant and dynamic city center.