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Exploring the Eventful Life of ‘RHOM’ Star Alexia Nepola: On-Camera Drama and Beyond

Star Alexia Nepola is well-versed in navigating the realities of life.

Over the course of five seasons, Alexia has graciously allowed Bravo’s cameras to document the various facets of her life as a wife, mother, and entrepreneur. Even beyond the realm of filming, this reality luminary continues to attract attention and make waves in the media.

In April 2024, Us Weekly confirmed the unexpected news of Alexia’s husband, Todd Nepola, filing for divorce after almost three years of marriage. This announcement came as a surprise to both Alexia and her devoted fan base.

Expressing her sentiments via Instagram Stories shortly after the filing in Florida, Alexia shared, “I am saddened by Todd’s decision to end our marriage. However, I draw solace from the unwavering support of my friends and family during this challenging period.”

While Todd has chosen to remain silent on the matter, this recent development adds another twist to the tapestry of Alexia’s life. Let’s delve into the dramatic events that have unfolded both on and off the screen, shaping the narrative of this Bravo personality.

Alexia’s Initial Marriage to Pedro Rosello

The story begins in 1987 when Alexia crossed paths with Rosello at a Miami eatery. Despite a promising start and an engagement shortly thereafter, their path to matrimony took an unexpected turn when Rosello was arrested on drug trafficking charges during their wedding preparations. Undeterred, the couple tied the knot during Rosello’s year-long bond release. Their union bore fruit in the form of two sons, Peter and Frankie, before culminating in divorce in 1996.

Reflecting on her past with Rosello in 2013, Alexia shared, “We maintain an amicable relationship. He is an exceptional father and a pillar of support for Frankie and Peter. My children hold him in high regard and cherish the time spent with him.”

Alexia Nepola and son Frankie

Alexia Nepola’s Instagram

Alexia’s Son Frankie’s Life-Altering Accident

In 2011, tragedy struck Alexia’s family when her then 13-year-old son Frankie was involved in a severe car accident, resulting in permanent brain damage.

Addressing the profound impact of the incident in February 2023, Alexia expressed, “The repercussions of Frankie’s accident are everlasting. My fervent hope is for his gradual improvement and his ability to lead a ‘normal and fulfilling’ life within the confines of his limitations. I refuse to relinquish my aspirations for him and remain steadfast in my unwavering support for both him and Peter. Our anguish runs deep.”

Alexia’s Union with Herman Echevarria

During the initial three seasons of Real Housewives of Miami (2011-2013), viewers gained insight into Alexia’s marriage with Echevarria. However, following the show’s hiatus, the couple parted ways in 2015. Tragically, Echevarria passed away a year later at his Miami residence due to natural causes at the age of 65.

In a poignant statement following his demise, Alexia shared, “The void left by Herman’s absence is immeasurable. The thought of entering my office each day without him, or missing our cherished family gatherings, is heart-wrenching. Despite our physical separation, our spiritual and emotional bond remained unbreakable.”

Alexia’s Revelation Regarding Her 2nd Spouse

Upon returning for the Real Housewives of Miami reboot on Peacock, Alexia disclosed that Echevarria had been gay but had not come out prior to his passing. In a particularly poignant moment, she prepared to meet Echevarria’s former lover at a restaurant, although the rendezvous did not materialize.

Expressing her sentiments in February 2022, Alexia remarked, “I would have welcomed an opportunity for him to embrace his truth and engage in that dialogue. I stood ready to offer my support and assistance, even introducing him to my charming circle of gay friends!”

Alexia Nepola and 2 sons

Alexia Nepola’s Instagram

In January 2022, Alexia’s son Peter faced legal repercussions after being arrested and charged with a misdemeanor battery offense following an alleged domestic altercation with his girlfriend. However, the charges were subsequently dropped a month later.

Additionally, Alexia navigated a challenging period when Peter and Todd clashed before Todd and Alexia’s nuptials. Despite the initial discord, Alexia noted in December 2022, “We are in the process of finding our footing. Nevertheless, our bond grows stronger as we navigate this journey together with mutual affection and respect.”

Alexia’s Heart-Wrenching Wedding Day

In a poignant twist of fate in 2021, Alexia shared the heartbreaking news of her mother Nancy’s passing due to COVID-19 on the very day she was set to marry her third husband, Todd. Expressing her sorrow on August 25, she penned, “The recent days have been a tumultuous rollercoaster of emotions for me as I bid farewell to my mother, a victim of the merciless COVID-19. What was meant to be a day of joy as I united with the love of my life has turned into a day of profound sorrow.”

Casadonna Opening Celebration

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Alexia’s 3rd Spouse Initiates Divorce Proceedings

In a surprising turn of events, Todd initiated divorce proceedings in April 2024 after almost three years of marriage. While the reasons behind the separation remain undisclosed, Alexia exhibited no signs of discord in the relationship, as evident from her Valentine’s Day tribute to Todd just two months prior.

“No matter the challenges that come our way, one certainty remains… Our destinies are intertwined,” she expressed. “You will forever hold my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.”

The Real Housewives of Miami is currently available for streaming on Peacock.