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New York Life Grants $25,000 to Family Solutions: Boosting Community Support

Employment of Funds at a Girls’ Home in Medford by the Ashland-Based Organization

Authored by Debora Gordon for

In late November, New York Life bestowed a $25,000 Community Impact Grant upon a mental health nonprofit in Southern Oregon.

Serina Pori, the development director at Family Solutions, expressed, “The primary objective of the Family Solutions Agency revolves around delivering mental health services and fostering healing opportunities for children, adults, and families. Our reach extends to Jackson and Josephine counties, offering a diverse array of programs, including school-based counseling, in-school therapy, and a psychiatric day treatment program, in conjunction with therapeutic foster care initiatives.”

New York Life’s Community Impact Grant initiative allocates grants, with a cap of \(25,000, to local nonprofit entities endorsed by New York Life agents and staff. Since its establishment in 2008, the program has disbursed nearly 800 grants, totaling over \)11 million, to nonprofits nationwide.

Catherine Greenspan, a New York Life agent and financial services professional, has been a staunch supporter of Family Solutions, actively volunteering and backing the agency since 2020. This marks her second advocacy for a New York Life Community Impact Grant for Family Solutions, following a previous $10,000 grant in December 2021, utilized for facility enhancements.

Dorothy Provencio, the executive director of Family Solutions, revealed that the $25,000 grant is currently being utilized to bolster the efforts of the Ashland-based organization in enhancing a girls’ home in Medford, catering to up to nine girls aged between 12 and 18.

Family Solutions commemorated the reopening of its primary office and outpatient therapy facilities in Ashland on November 9, as depicted in a photograph by Family Solutions.

“We are presently in the process of installing a security system on the second-floor windows. These windows could potentially serve as an escape route for the youths residing there. To ensure safety, we are implementing alarms on the windows, allowing them to open slightly for ventilation. Any attempt to open them wider triggers the alarm, alerting us to any youth attempting to exit through the windows. This precaution is necessary as quiet attempts to escape could be orchestrated by the residents. With the grant funds, we initiated the purchase of the equipment, which has now been successfully installed,” explained Pori.

Families are equipped with tools to address the trauma experienced by the youths, fostering a therapeutic environment within the home. Moreover, they have round-the-clock access to our staff for support and monitoring. Pori emphasized the significance of instilling skills in the youths to thrive in traditional classroom settings, enabling them to realize their academic potential and boosting their confidence.

Provencio highlighted the critical role of Family Solutions in catering to high-acuity youths, guiding them towards stability and successful integration into social environments. The organization’s residential program in Medford, supported by the grant funding, plays a pivotal role in this endeavor.

Family Solutions, established in 1971 in Ashland, remains committed to transforming the lives of youths, with a focus on skill-building and social integration. The residential program, a rare offering in Oregon, serves as a safe haven for youths in need of specialized care and support.

The program’s recent acquisition of a driving simulator underscores its dedication to empowering individuals with essential life skills, such as mastering vehicle controls and navigating potential driving challenges. This initiative aims to facilitate a seamless transition to independent living for the youths under their care.

Pori reiterated the organization’s commitment to nurturing the youths’ potential and guiding them towards a brighter future. She expressed gratitude for the community’s unwavering support, emphasizing the transformative impact of investing in the well-being and development of these youths.

Debora Gordon, a multifaceted professional with a background in writing, art, education, and non-violence advocacy, recently relocated from Oakland, California, to Ashland. For inquiries, reach out to [email protected].