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Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus Review: Unveiling the Power-Packed Battery Performance


Speaker 1: Presenting the Galaxy S 24 and S 24 plus, Samsung’s latest offerings that stand apart from the ultra models. After a week of using these phones for various tasks like calls, multilingual group chats, transforming photos into amusing creations, and engaging in work-related Zoom meetings, it’s time to delve into the details.

Speaker 1: Good morning! Currently recording on the Galaxy S 24 plus at 11:30 AM with a battery level of 97%. Stay tuned as I update you on the battery performance throughout the day. The S 24 and S 24 plus are solid, well-crafted devices that deliver exceptional performance out of the box, reminiscent of their predecessors, the S 23 and S 23 plus. While the design continuity reflects years of refinement, some may perceive it as a drawback due to the similarity in features such as the camera hardware, which remains largely unchanged since the S 22 in 2022. Both models retain the squared aluminum design with rounded corners from the previous year, albeit with slightly larger displays.

Speaker 1: Featuring a 6.2-inch screen on the S 24 and a 6.7-inch display on the S 24 plus, both phones boast a peak brightness of 2,600 nits, outshining the previous Galaxy S 21. Whether capturing photos outdoors in bright sunlight or browsing messages in a dimly lit arcade, the enhanced displays offer improved visibility. Additionally, the S 24 plus sports a higher resolution, capable of reaching Quad HD plus, matching the Ultra model. Despite the subtle differences in pixel density, the overall viewing experience remains impressive.

Speaker 1: Transitioning to AI capabilities, the Circle to Search feature stands out as a refined and compelling addition. By simply circling an item on the screen, users can initiate a search effortlessly, whether it’s a photo on a website, within an app, or even in the gallery akin to Google Lens. This intuitive functionality sets a new standard for user-friendly AI integration. Furthermore, the onboard AI translation tools, while not flawless, offer practical real-time language translation for both calls and messages, enhancing the overall user experience.

Speaker 1: Moving on to the camera performance, both the Galaxy S 24 and S 24 plus exhibit commendable capabilities comparable to industry rivals like the Pixel 8 and iPhone 15. However, in challenging lighting conditions, especially without night mode, some softness in detail and processing is noticeable. Despite this, the overall image quality remains satisfactory, showcasing the devices’ photography prowess.

Speaker 1: Noteworthy AI-powered features in the gallery app include the ability to convert videos into slow motion on the fly, leveraging generative AI to enhance the viewing experience. Moreover, the generative edit tool offers advanced functionalities like object removal and content filling, albeit with occasional imperfections. These tools, while experimental, provide users with creative avenues for photo and video editing.

Speaker 1: Performance-wise, both the S 24 and S 24 plus, equipped with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip and ample RAM, deliver seamless multitasking and gaming experiences. The devices excel in benchmark tests, rivaling other flagship models in the market. Running on Android 14, Samsung’s commitment to seven years of major OS upgrades ensures longevity and software support, a significant advantage for long-term users.

Speaker 1: Battery-wise, the S 24 and S 24 plus feature larger capacities, enabling extended usage without frequent recharges. The S 24 plus, in particular, demonstrated impressive endurance, lasting up to two days under heavy usage scenarios. Samsung’s emphasis on performance, longevity, and user-centric features makes the Galaxy S 24 series a compelling choice in the smartphone landscape.

Speaker 1: Concluding the review after extensive testing and exploration of the Galaxy S 24 and S 24 plus, these devices stand out as refined iterations of their predecessors, offering enhanced features and performance. While facing stiff competition in the camera department, particularly from Google’s Pixel 8 Pro, the overall package of the S 24 plus shines through in various aspects, including software stability and overall user experience. Share your current battery percentage in the comments and thank you for tuning in.

Speaker 1: Finally, wrapping up the day at 7:30 PM after a full day of filming and intensive usage, the battery levels stand at 63%, showcasing the devices’ endurance under demanding conditions. As we conclude this review, the Galaxy S 24 series emerges as a robust choice, blending innovation with reliability in the ever-evolving smartphone landscape. Thank you for watching and sharing your feedback.