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CBS New York Exposes Rise in “Spoofing” Scams Draining Savings

The Growing Threat of Caller ID Spoofing

In New York, the reliability of caller ID is increasingly compromised as scammers use sophisticated apps to mimic familiar numbers, including those from your own bank. This emerging threat, known as “spoofing,” has prompted an investigation by CBS New York’s Tim McNicholas into the measures tech companies are implementing to tackle this deceptive practice.

The Personal Cost of Spoofing Scams

Avalon Grimes, a nurse dedicated to her profession for over a decade, became a victim of spoofing when scammers, posing as her bank, convinced her to transfer her life savings to a fraudulent account. This scam, which uses caller ID manipulation to appear legitimate, not only robbed Grimes of her financial security but also her peace of mind.

Tech and Telecom Industries Respond to the Spoofing Crisis

Major mobile carriers like T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon are intensifying their efforts to shield customers from spoof calls by adopting technologies and standards such as STIR/SHAKEN. These initiatives are crucial in verifying caller identities and blocking fraudulent activities. Additionally, companies like Apple and Chase are cracking down on apps that enable such deceit, advocating for stringent customer verification processes to prevent future incidents.