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Unveiling National Geographic’s ‘Worth a Trip’ Series: Top US Travel Destinations

A Fresh Perspective on Travel

National Geographic’s latest travel revelation introduces the “Worth a Trip” series, adding a new dimension to its renowned “Best of the World” list for 2024. With a focus on hotels, cultural gems, wellness spots, and culinary delights, this innovative series aims to inspire travelers with unique experiences across the globe.

Insights from the Editor-in-Chief

Nathan Lump, National Geographic’s editor-in-chief, shares his excitement for the expanded list, emphasizing the accessibility of extraordinary experiences closer to home. This initiative underscores the brand’s commitment to uncovering hidden treasures and fostering a spirit of exploration among its audience.

Embark on Transformative Journeys

From the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee to the vibrant streets of New Orleans, National Geographic’s curated selections promise unforgettable adventures and enriching cultural encounters. Whether seeking rejuvenation at a wellness spa or indulging in culinary delights, these recommendations offer a gateway to transformative experiences in the heart of America and beyond.