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World Water Day – Bath Ritual For Supercharged Life

World Water Day is celebrated on March 22 every year and focusses on significance of water in our day to day life. Water is not only needed to sustain ecological life but, it also carries tremendous healing abilities because of its conducting ability.

World Water Day – Water As Aura Cleanser

Water is a strong, magnetic “aura cleaner” that helps to balance and purify the human energy field.Swimming in natural bodies of water and submersion in water infused with salts, herbs, or essential oils are among the practices. Aura purification techniques include visualization, meditation, and sound of running water. Water rituals and consumption are also thought to be advantageous. These techniques, such as hydrotherapy, can be made uniquely yours by adding your name and date of birth to improve the overall results.

This World Water Day, let us dive into ritual bath for each zodiac sign:

Aries – The Calm Bath of Provocation

Mars rules Aries, a sign known for its audacity and dynamism. It should be a colorful ritual bath. Add ingredients that are energizing and stimulating, such as peppercorns, ginger, or even a tiny bit of chile oil. To evoke your warrior spirit, add red rose petals to represent Mars and think about creating a playlist of upbeat, energetic music. This bath is a call to action as much as a cleansing.

Taurus – The Alluring Soak in Earth

Venus, the ruler of Taurus, bestows a love of comfort and elegance. You should have a sensual bath experience. Imagine milk baths enhanced with a hint of honey and a scattering of rose petals. Scent-filled candles and gentle music, ideally with earthy tones, are necessities. Take in the warmth of the water around you as you center yourself in security and comfort.

Gemini – The Light-Filled Bath of Thought

Mercury was in charge. Gemini people enjoy conversation and excitement. Add herbs that are believed to help with mental clarity and stimulate original thought, such as mint and lavender, to your bath water. For those moments when inspiration strikes, you might want to carry a waterproof notebook and pen with you. For Gemini, taking a bath is more about revitalizing their minds than it is about unwinding.

Cancer – The Embracing Lunar Pool

Water is feeding and healing, which is comforting to Cancerians, who are ruled by the Moon. Ideal is a sea salt bath, which emulates the calming effects of the ocean. For emotional purification, add moonstone crystals. For peace, try floating some white or light blue flowers. This bath should be a return to the calm of the womb, a maternal embrace.

Leo – The Majestic Sundrenched Soak

The Sun rules Leo, who enjoys warmth and attention. Sunflower petals are a sign of the Sun; for an opulent touch, add gold-colored bath bombs to your soak. Your royal experience can be enhanced by essential oils such as frankincense. Imagine yourself submerged in a pool of sunlight, brimming with pride and self-assurance.

Virgo – The Herbal Bath for Purification

Mercury rules Virgo as well, although in this sign the emphasis is on order and purification. For Virgos, a ceremonial bath should focus on spiritual and bodily purification. A detox bath made with grounding herbs like sage and rosemary combined with epsom salts is ideal. It’s an opportunity to practice self-care, eliminating the superfluous and nourishing the required.

Libra – The Complementary Flower Dip

Venus bestows a love of harmony and beauty upon Libra. A bath for a Libran should have a balanced style. A hint of sweet almond oil, jasmine, and rose petals combine to create a pleasing combination. A tribute to Libra’s pursuit of harmony and beauty, the bathroom should be a work of art that is aesthetically beautiful and uplifting.

Scorpio – The Deep Mysterious Pool

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Mars, which suggests a profound encounter. Scorpio needs a deep and vigorous bath. An enigmatic mood can be created with deep, dark aromas like patchouli or sandalwood, together with a trace of musk. This is a place to accept rebirth and let go of past grievances, a bath for introspection and release.

Sagittarius – The Daring Spice Expedition

Due to Jupiter’s impact on Sagittarius, taking a bath should be an adventure in and of itself. Imagine exotic oils that evoke far-off places, like clove or eucalyptus. This bath is all about broadening your horizons, whether it’s with a podcast that encourages philosophical thought or a book about distant lands. It’s about learning and development, even in your personal lavatory.

Capricorn – The Soil-Building Mineral Submersion

Saturn, the sign that rules Capricorn, is known for structure and discipline. Taking a bath with mineral-rich mud or Himalayan salt can be energizing and grounding at the same time. Incorporate earthy components such as cedarwood or vetiver to bolster the foundation. This is a time to establish and reaffirm your goals—a bath for contemplation and planning.

Aquarius – The Groundbreaking Electric Soap

Under Uranus and Saturn’s triad, Aquarius yearns for originality and creativity. For an electrifying experience, try taking a bath with a mixture of unusual ingredients, such as blackcurrant or blueberries, and even some fizzy bath bombs. This is the time for Aquarius to think creatively and plan for the future. Consider it a comfortable think tank in your bathtub.

Pisces – The Mystical Oceanic Oasis

Neptune & Jupiter leads Pisces into a dreamlike and ethereal realm. For Pisces, a bath should be a retreat from everyday life. Lavender, chamomile, and maybe a touch of sea salt might contribute to this magical experience. This escape into your inner world can be enhanced by relaxing, ambient music or natural noises that carry you away on intuitive and imaginative waves.

This article is written by, Sidhharrth S Kumaar, Astro Numerologist, Life & Relationship Coach and Founder, NumroVani