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When Aamir Khan spoke about moving to Coonoor, starting a new life: ‘Money is important but it’s not the only factor’

Happy birthday Aamir Khan! He turned 59 today and celebrated his birthday with the media in Mumbai. But there was a time he wanted to move out of the city.

turned 59 on March 14 and celebrated his special day by meeting paparazzi with ex-wife by his side. The actor, who owns a quaint holiday home in Panchgani and a luxury apartment in Bandra, Mumbai, once spoke about ‘buying a home’ in Coonoor. While he calls Mumbai home, in a 1994 with film journalist and critic Bhawana Somaaya, Aamir had spoken about moving to the Tamil Nadu hill station for good.

Actor Aamir Khan celebrated his birthday on March 14. (File photo/ANI)
Actor Aamir Khan celebrated his birthday on March 14. (File photo/ANI)

Aamir Khan wanted a ‘different’ life in Coonoor

Aamir said his then-wife ‘would be very happy’ if he altogether. When asked what would he do then, Aamir replied, “Nothing. Go to Coonoor. Spend time with the family. Start a new life… It’s a nice place to live… We’ve been thinking of buying a home there for quite some time. Call it a dream.”

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Aamir was then asked if moving to Coonoor would be ‘unfair to your career’, and Aamir said ‘career isn’t life’. He added moving to Coonoor would make his life ‘different’ and leave him with the ‘many things’ he wanted to do but could not because he’s an actor.

Aamir Khan on the importance of money

In the same interview, Aamir was asked how important money was to him and if his family felt ‘deprived’ as he was ‘earning less compared to actors who do a greater number of films’ than him. Aamir said, “Money is important, but it’s not the only important factor… there are other things I’d like to do besides films. These things may not bring in that flow of money, but I do them because I want to. They (my family) don’t feel deprived. I haven’t even once sensed such a feeling from them.”

Aamir Khan’s recent films

Aamir Khan was last seen in (2022). The actor also had a cameo appearance in Revathi’s (2022), starring Kajol in the lead role. Speaking of his next acting project, Aamir and Sunny Deol are all set to work together in Lahore 1947, which will be directed by Rajkumar Santoshi and backed by Aamir.