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Elevating Adventure: Introducing the Skyloft Van by Redtail Overland

Redefining Van Life Luxury

Redtail Overland made waves with its groundbreaking Skyloft Van, a luxurious two-story camper van redefining the concept of van life with a price tag of $530,000. Departing from conventional rooftop tent designs, Redtail transformed the traditional camper into a state-of-the-art Mercedes explorer yacht, offering unparalleled comfort and style for road and trail adventures.

Unveiling Unprecedented Comfort

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Skyloft Van boasts a host of premium features, including wood veneers, porcelain countertops, and a spacious rear lounge for relaxation. The innovative design incorporates a climate-controlled rooftop penthouse, providing a cozy retreat complete with a premium foam mattress and Nest thermostat-controlled heating and cooling.

The Ultimate Adventure Companion

Equipped with off-grid power capabilities, a sophisticated plumbing system, and exterior enhancements such as a custom front bumper and motorized awning, the Skyloft Van offers unparalleled versatility for discerning adventurers. With limited units produced annually, each Skyloft Van promises a bespoke experience, catering to those seeking the pinnacle of luxury and adventure in their travels.