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Revival of Treehouse Records: Lucky Cat Records Resurrected

Trading Trees for Tunes (In Terms of Records)

Initially known as Oar Folkjokeopus, the iconic record store in south Minneapolis once frequented by the legendary Replacements underwent a transformation in 2001. Mark Trehus rebranded it as Treehouse Records, a beloved establishment at the corner of 26th & Lyndale until its closure in 2017. However, there’s good news for vinyl enthusiasts in Whittier as Lucky Cat Records is set to revive the space this summer under the guidance of first-time music vendor Michele Swanson.

Reflecting on the decision to open a record store, Swanson shared with Chris Riemenschneider, “It was that location specifically that got me thinking about opening a record store. It just seems like that’s what should be there.” Trehus, the building’s current owner, expressed his delight, stating, “My initial thought was that the neighborhood had become overly gentrified… I am thrilled that someone wants to keep a record store in that spot.”

Anticipate a warm and inviting ambiance, contrasting with the vibe of High Fidelity, as Swanson, a passionate collector with a background as a Delta Airlines manager, prepares for the grand reopening scheduled for July. While the WELLSTONE window sign has been removed due to irreparable damage, the store is undergoing renovations in preparation for the upcoming launch. In other music-related news, don’t forget that Saturday marks Record Store Day 2024—be sure to check out the offerings at The Current, recommended by our friend Erik Thompson.

Weather Woes: Dealing with Graupel

As mid-April brings fluctuating temperatures, Minnesotans were surprised by the sight of graupel amidst cloudy skies and brisk winds. Not your typical precipitation, graupel resembles Dippin’ Dots and is distinct from rain, sleet, snow, or hail. Meteorologist Sundgaard explains that graupel forms through a process called “riming,” where super-cooled water droplets freeze onto snowflakes before falling to the ground. This unusual weather phenomenon briefly coated the Twin Cities, adding to the unpredictable nature of Minnesota weather.

Minnesota Twins: Struggling on the Field

The Minnesota Twins’ lackluster performance this season has left fans disheartened, with a record of 6-11 and notable struggles both at bat and on the mound. Aaron Gleeman of The Athletic acknowledges the challenges facing the team, emphasizing the importance of perseverance in a long baseball season. While statistics paint a grim picture, such as a team batting average of .193—the second-worst in the AL in 50 years—there are glimmers of hope amidst the setbacks. With 145 games remaining, including a crucial matchup against the Detroit Tigers, there’s still room for the Twins to turn their season around.

Embracing 420 Festivities in Minnesota

As Minnesota celebrates its first 420 with legalized cannabis, various events and activities are available for enthusiasts to partake in over the weekend. From cannabis-infused dinners to Earth Day hikes, there are numerous ways to engage with the spirit of the occasion. Additionally, neighborhood establishments are hosting special events, including a keynote address by former Governor Jesse Ventura at the launch of his boutique cannabis brand, Ventura Farms. Enjoy the festivities responsibly and have a great weekend, everyone!