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Brave 7-Year-Old Honored for Rescuing Mother at Home

Vincent, Ohio (WTAP) – In this edition of This is Home, the Barlow Volunteer Fire Department paid tribute to a 7-year-old boy for his heroic actions that saved a life.

“I rescued my mom,” Waylon Hayes proudly shared.

Waylon Hayes received recognition from the Barlow Volunteer Fire Department for his life-saving intervention when his mother urgently needed assistance. Since the age of 2, Waylon had been instructed on the necessary steps to take in case of an emergency.

“I am incredibly proud. From a young age, he has been educated on what to do in such situations. He acted swiftly, and I am immensely grateful for that,” expressed Hailey Hayes, Waylon’s mother.

Having recently moved to the community, Hailey expressed her deep sense of connection with the people around her and immense pride in her son.

“We are relatively new here, having arrived about 2 years ago from a smaller community. The level of interconnectedness among the fire department, schools, and the community here is truly heartwarming. Knowing that help is readily available when needed is a comforting feeling,” Hailey shared.

Waylon recounted the events of the incident and how he responded promptly.

“My mom collapsed on the floor. My dad called me, asking about Hailey’s condition, to which I replied negatively. He instructed me to place her on her side. Following that, I dialed 911, and emergency services arrived soon after,” Waylon narrated.

Educating children on handling emergencies is crucial, particularly in critical situations like this.

“He not only ensured his own and his mother’s safety but also directed his siblings to remain seated on the couch without moving. He coordinated with his father to ensure he could join them promptly. Every task typically assigned to an adult in such situations, he flawlessly executed at the age of 6,” commended Galen Cox, EMS Squad Chief.

“He provided us with updates on the situation, guided us to his mother’s location, assured us about the friendly nature of their dogs, and led us to his mother,” added Misty Wunder, Advanced EMT.

Witness the pivotal moment in Waylon’s life!

“Waylon recognized the urgency of his mother’s situation, promptly called 911, and assisted us in locating her. Not only did he alert emergency services, but he also ensured his siblings’ safety by keeping them in place until help arrived. His coordination and assistance were truly remarkable,” praised Cox.

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