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Travis Kelce reveals how he handles life as Taylor Swift’s boyfriend

Travis Kelce has opened up on how his upbringing prepared him for life in the spotlight as ‘s boyfriend.

Kelce’s profile has skyrocketed since he started dating the pop sensation, whose new album includes songs seemingly about the City Chiefs star.

So far the tight end has not let the romance affect his performances on the field. Last season, he helped the Chiefs win a second successive .

Kelce was recently named the new host of ‘Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity’ and he explained how his mother Donna ensured he was ‘comfortable’ with the spotlight.

‘I think it was all the home videos my mom used to have with the old handheld camcorder,’ he told .

Travis Kelce believes his upbringing prepared him for life in the spotlight with Taylor Swift
The Kansas City Chiefs star's relationship with Swift has seen his profile skyrocket

‘I just always felt comfortable with the camera on me and the lights on me. And sure enough, I love a good challenge – I get excited for a challenge.

‘Something I haven’t done before, or something that really makes me focus – and be or do something I haven’t done before. There’s something about that that I have a love for.’

Kelce and Swift’s relationship blossomed during the 2023 NFL season but back in 2016, the tight end took part in ‘Catching Kelce’.

The reality show saw Kelce date 50 women – one from each state. Nearly a decade on, he remains a regular on our screens in commercials – and soon on ‘Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity’.

But the 34-year-old has ruled out starring in a Kelce version of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’.

'The reality show is in my past, I don't think I'll ever do another,' the younger Kelce insisted
The Kansas City star has maintained a close relationship with his elder brother Jason

‘Oh no, the reality show is in my past, I don’t think I’ll ever do another,’ he said with a laugh.

‘I tell you what, I’m going to have to be out on that. But who knows? Maybe (brother) Jason and (his wife) Kylie – you pick up the reality life.’

Jason, the recently retired Eagles center, documented his 2022 season – when he faced Travis in the Super Bowl – for a show on Amazon Prime.

The brothers remain close, with Travis opening up on the importance of having Jason by his side ‘really all throughout my life’.

‘It started as a young kid, really understanding the value of family and what it can do for you,’ he said.

‘It just injected confidence and excitement in my life and I’ve been so fortunate, I’ve been able to just follow his footsteps through life – into the football world and who knows what happens after that.’