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Torres Expresses Desire to Remain a Yankee for Life

TAMPA, Fla. — Gleyber Torres, the 27-year-old infielder embarking on what could potentially be his final season with the Yankees, expressed his strong desire to stay with the team long-term.

Having been named an All-Star in his initial two seasons with the Yankees in 2018 and 2019, Torres faced a slump in performance over the following years before regaining his form to establish himself as a consistently productive player. In the last season, he posted a .273 batting average along with 25 home runs, 68 RBIs, and 13 stolen bases, showcasing an OPS of .800.

Currently operating under a $14.2 million one-year contract, Torres is set to enter free agency after the culmination of the World Series. Despite the absence of discussions regarding a potential extended contract, Torres comprehends the organization’s caution, especially in light of previous instances where players like Luis Severino and Aaron Hicks failed to meet expectations after signing lucrative deals.

Reflecting on the past, Torres acknowledged the uncertainties surrounding his future with the team but remains focused on his on-field responsibilities while cherishing moments spent with his son Ethan, who will soon turn two.

Recognizing the pivotal nature of the upcoming season for the Yankees due to multiple players becoming free agents, Torres aims to deliver a standout performance that could potentially spark negotiations for a long-term commitment. Drawing inspiration from Aaron Judge’s recent record-breaking contract extension, Torres remains hopeful for a similar opportunity with the team.

Since his acquisition in a trade with the Chicago Cubs in 2016, Torres has been a consistent contributor to the Yankees, amassing a .267 batting average accompanied by 123 home runs, 378 RBIs, and 49 stolen bases.

As Torres participated in the team’s photo day wearing the iconic pinstriped uniform, symbolizing the rich history and tradition of the Yankees, he emphasized his desire to continue being part of the esteemed franchise despite the persistent rumors surrounding his future.