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Tony Orlando Reflects on Unexpected Encounter with Injured Veteran

has devoted his extensive career to our military personnel, with one particular encounter with a wounded veteran leaving a lasting impact on him.

The renowned artist, famous for hits like “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree” and “Knock Three Times” in the ‘70s, has officially retired from live shows and tours. His farewell performance took place at the Mohegan Sun Casino Arena in Connecticut on March 22.

At 80 years old, the singer expressed to Fox News Digital his deep pride in connecting with our brave men and women in uniform, including the wounded hero Brendan Marrocco.

Singer Tony Orlando shared with Fox News Digital how meeting wounded veteran Brendan Marrocco had a profound effect on him.

Recalling a poignant moment during a visit to Iraq in 2009, Orlando recounted a visit to a hospital in Germany where he encountered Brendan Marrocco, a young soldier who had recently suffered severe injuries.

The singer vividly described the heartbreaking sight of a 19-year-old Marrocco, left with only a torso, having lost both his arms and legs in a roadside bomb explosion during a night mission in April 2009. Additionally, Marrocco sustained shrapnel wounds in his left eye, severe burns on his neck and face, a severed left carotid artery, and multiple fractures in his nose, left eye socket, and facial bones.

Orlando was deeply moved by the encounter and the doctor’s request for him to inform Marrocco’s New York-based family about their son’s condition and prognosis.

The emotional meeting with Marrocco’s parents at the hospital, where Orlando reassured them of their son’s survival, left a lasting impression on the singer. Marrocco’s mother’s stunned reaction upon seeing her son’s condition highlighted the immense challenges the family faced.

Orlando’s subsequent efforts to connect Marrocco’s family with inventor Dean Kamen, who offered prosthetic solutions, showcased his dedication to supporting the wounded soldier’s recovery journey.

Marrocco’s decision to opt for cadaver arms instead of prosthetics surprised Orlando, reflecting the soldier’s determination and resilience in the face of adversity.

Despite the initial challenges, Marrocco successfully received the donated arms and has since made remarkable progress in his rehabilitation, showcasing incredible strength and determination.

Marrocco’s inspiring story of resilience and recovery serves as a testament to the indomitable spirit of individuals facing adversity, leaving a profound impact on those around him.

Stephanie Nolasco covers entertainment news at Fox News Digital.