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Tom Selleck’s Romantic Relationships Were Lackluster in 1982, Based on His Initial PEOPLE Magazine Cover

The 79-year-old actor, featured on this week’s cover, was interviewed by PEOPLE over four decades ago for his inaugural cover story on March 8, 1982, as the Emmy-winning star of Magnum P.I. was beginning to gain fame on the popular CBS series.

During the early stages of Magnum P.I., Selleck, portraying the role of private investigator Thomas Magnum, was in the process of separating from his first wife, Jacquelyn Ray, although not yet legally divorced. He expressed his reluctance to embark on a new relationship at that time.

Reflecting on his newfound celebrity status, Selleck acknowledged the challenges it posed in his personal life, mentioning the constraints on his time for relationships due to the constant public scrutiny and media attention.

Today, Selleck enjoys a long and happy marriage with his wife, Jillie Mack. Prior to the release of his upcoming memoir, set to launch on May 7, he reminisced about their wedding near Lake Tahoe, Nevada, recalling a humorous incident where they almost forgot the marriage license on the big day.

Despite the momentary hiccup, Selleck, who has a daughter with Mack, fondly remembers the wedding as a memorable adventure, appreciating the Reverend’s efforts to ensure everything went smoothly, turning it into a cherished memory.