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Life-saving Resources Offered by North Las Vegas Clinic

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — In the previous month, I visited the FirstMed Health + Wellness Medical Clinic, a facility dedicated to assisting residents who face challenges in accessing affordable healthcare services.

For individuals such as Sherry Kurry-Bucks, this clinic holds a significance beyond being just a medical center; it serves as a vital support system.

Describing her experience, Kurry-Burks expressed profound gratitude, stating, “I want to say they basically saved my life. Just everything they have done for me, they have saved my life. This is the place for me. This is the place I want to call. This is the place I’m coming to.”

Kurry-Burks recounted how her physician at the clinic detected a tumor and identified other health concerns. She emphasized the crucial role of the clinic’s affordability and accessibility in her healthcare journey, acknowledging that without these factors, her situation would have been drastically different.

When asked about the financial aspect of receiving care at this location, Kurry-Burks highlighted the significance of the clinic’s acceptance of her Medicaid insurance, underscoring its impact on her ability to access necessary medical services.

Among the numerous beneficiaries of the region’s inaugural Medicaid clinic expansion last autumn, Kurry-Burks stands as a testament to the positive influence of such initiatives. Since my initial coverage of this clinic in January, CEO Angela Quinn anticipated a substantial increase in patient visits compared to its establishment in 2017.

Chief Medical Officer Lilnetra Grady shared that the clinic has successfully met its objective and is making strides in expanding its reach to accommodate more individuals in need.

Grady elaborated, “So FirstMed has been a pillar in the community. We moved to a bigger suite so we are able to service more patients, provide more services by various providers in that one location.”

The clinic now attends to over 100 patients daily, offering essential services such as primary care, mental health support, and prescription aid, which have proven invaluable to patients like Kurry-Burks who previously encountered challenges in accessing such resources.

Acknowledging the importance of catering to underserved communities, Grady emphasized the clinic’s commitment to extending vital services and resources to individuals in need.

Expressing her profound appreciation for the clinic’s impact on her life, Kurry-Burks emphasized the exceptional care she received, crediting the clinic for identifying and addressing critical health issues that have significantly improved her well-being.

Looking ahead, Grady revealed the clinic’s plans to explore additional underserved areas within the valley to establish similar healthcare facilities, aiming to replicate the success and impact of their current endeavors.