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A Power Bank with Longevity and Vital Safety Functions

ZDNET’s main points

  • The Anker 548, priced at \(110 on Amazon with a \)40 discount coupon, is a robust power bank capable of charging laptops and smartphones. It features an LED light that can last up to two days and retains 85% of its charge after a year without recharging.
  • Despite its bulk and weight, typical of high-capacity power banks, the Anker 548 blurs the line between a power bank and a small power station, offering substantial backup power capacity.
  • With a massive 60,000mAh battery capacity, the Anker 548 is one of the largest power banks available in the market.

Anker 548 Technical Specifications

  • Capacity: 60,000 mAh / 192Wh
  • Battery: 15 x 4000 mAh LiFePO4 cells
  • Output Ports: 2 x USB-C, 2 x USB-A
  • USB-C Power Output: 5V⎓3A / 9V⎓3A / 12V⎓1.5A / 15V⎓3A / 20V⎓3A
  • USB-C Power Input: 5V⎓3A / 9V⎓3A / 12V⎓1.5A / 15V⎓3A / 20V⎓3A
  • Max Output: 87W
  • XT60 Solar Input: 10 – 24V⎓3A
  • Recharge Time: Approximately 4 hours (at 60W)
  • Built-in Lighting: Two brightness levels and SOS mode
  • Dimensions: 4.59 x 4.59 x 8.17 inches
  • Weight: 5.1 pounds
  • Battery Life: Maintains 85% charge after 1 year

The Anker 548, weighing over five pounds, comes with a sturdy nylon handle but is not designed for pocket or bag portability. However, its size enables it to charge devices multiple times, such as an iPhone up to 15 times and a MacBook Air nearly three times.

Featuring a pop-out LED light with high, low, and SOS modes, the Anker 548 exudes a retro aesthetic reminiscent of old military equipment.

Illuminating Features

The power bank’s LED light provides ample illumination for rooms or campsites and can operate continuously for almost two days on a single charge.

The Anker 548’s emergency capabilities are further highlighted by its LiFePO4 batteries and efficient standby circuitry, allowing it to maintain a high charge level even after extended periods without recharging.

Smart Display and Emergency Functions

Equipped with a smart LCD display, the Anker 548 offers real-time information on battery status, power levels, remaining charge time, and charging modes, enhancing user convenience and control.

In case of power outages, the Anker 548 can automatically activate its light when plugged into a USB-C port, serving as a reliable emergency light source. Glow-in-the-dark strips along the unit’s sides aid in locating it during nighttime emergencies.

ZDNET’s Recommendation

The Anker 548 presents a versatile solution bridging the gap between a power bank and a power station. While lacking AC output, it supports solar recharging and offers long-term charge retention, making it low-maintenance and ideal for emergencies.

Priced attractively at $110 with Anker’s discount, the Anker 548 appeals to users seeking a cost-effective backup power source for electronic devices during unforeseen power disruptions.