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Expert Life Insurance Coverage Offered by The Cummings Agency

Enid, Oklahoma—For 25 years, Shaun Cummings has been the proprietor of Brown-Cummings Funeral Home in Enid, demonstrating a keen understanding of the community’s requirements concerning life insurance and funeral expenses.

Having been authorized to sell insurance for 15 years, Shaun Cummings took ownership of The Cummings Agency on Feb. 1, 2024. Leveraging his insights from the funeral home, he can now present Enid residents with a wider array of insurance choices.

Operating both the funeral home and the new insurance agency, Shaun Cummings, alongside Desiree Olsen, a licensed agency producer, and Katie Dwyer, a care specialist, aims to deliver valuable services to the community.

Shaun Cummings explained, “The funeral home primarily finances its pre-needs or pre-funded funerals through insurance products, which has been a longstanding practice. Selling life insurance for many years has been advantageous for our community.”

In late 2020 and early 2021, policy costs surged, potentially excluding a significant portion of the community. The funeral home was limited to selling single-item policies, specifically burial insurance ranging from \(20,000 to \)25,000. Seeking more affordable options, Shaun Cummings partnered with Farmers Insurance.

He highlighted the challenge of insurance companies lacking insights into funeral procedures, leading to inefficiencies. Shaun Cummings aims to bridge this gap locally through his new agency.

Shaun Cummings emphasized his commitment to serving the community, carrying on his family’s legacy as the fourth generation dedicated to Enid’s welfare. By combining the agencies of Mike Stuber and Jennifer Crenshaw, he retained the comprehensive coverage while enhancing local family support.

With a deep understanding of funeral costs and insurance requirements, Shaun Cummings ensures a seamless process for his clients, eliminating complexities and ensuring efficient service delivery.

The overarching goal of The Cummings Agency aligns with the founding principles of Shaun Cummings’ great-grandparents in 1926—to support and care for the Enid community.

Operating from a place of genuine care and expertise, The Cummings Agency guarantees kindness, knowledge, and trustworthiness in assisting clients with insurance solutions tailored to their needs.

Located at 520 S. Oakwood, The Cummings Agency operates from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, reachable at (580) 548-4675.