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Taylor Swift Announces End of ‘Sensational and Sorrowful’ Era with ‘Tortured Poets’ Release

On Friday, April 19, the renowned pop sensation, aged 34, took to Instagram to share a post commemorating the launch of her 11th studio album, “The Tortured Poets Department.” This anthology showcases fresh creations that capture moments of events, opinions, and emotions from a transient and fatalistic period—a blend of sensationalism and sorrow. The chapter in the author’s life that this work encapsulates has concluded, sealed shut with finality.

In her words, “There is no need for retribution, no lingering grudges once wounds have mended. Upon introspection, many of these wounds were self-inflicted. The author firmly believes that our tears transform into sacred ink on the canvas of a page. By vocalizing our most melancholic tales, we unshackle ourselves from their burden. All that remains is the essence of tortured poetry.”

The day prior, on Thursday, April 18, Swift unveiled that the leading single from “The Tortured Poets Department” would be “Fortnight,” a collaboration with [ppp1] Post Malone. Expressing admiration for Malone’s songwriting prowess, musical innovation, and unforgettable melodies, Swift shared a monochromatic snapshot of herself with Malone, highlighting the enchantment she experienced witnessing their collaborative magic firsthand during the creation of “Fortnight.”

Furthermore, Swift disclosed plans for the release of the “Fortnight” music video at 8 p.m. ET on the album’s launch day, Friday, April 19. Anticipation ran high as she eagerly anticipated the audience’s reception of the song at midnight and the visual spectacle at 8 p.m. ET the following day.

“Fortnight” takes the spotlight as the opening track on “Tortured Poets,” standing out as one of the two songs featuring guest artists. The track “Florida!!!” showcases the vocal prowess of Florence and the Machine.

During the Grammy Awards in February, Swift alluded to themes of heartbreak in her acceptance speech for the best pop vocal album category, setting the stage for emotional resonance within the LP. Additionally, she teased snippets of poignant lyrics from the album.

Leading up to the album’s debut, Spotify curated a library-themed space where Swift’s devoted fans, known as Swifties, could immerse themselves in subtle hints and clues about the upcoming record. This unique experience featured new lyrical excerpts and imagery, providing a glimpse into the thematic essence of the music.

Collaborating with her longtime partners and Aaron Dessner, Swift penned “The Tortured Poets Department,” with Post Malone credited as a co-writer on the track “Fortnight.”