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Grand National Contender Corach Rambler Transforms Student’s Life

For better or for worse, Aintree’s hand of destiny has impacted numerous horses and individuals over the years since the inaugural victory of Lottery in 1839. However, the most remarkable and life-altering twist occurred towards the conclusion of the pandemic in 2020 when it selected a business student named Cameron Sword from Heriot-Watt University.

Sword stands out as the most unexpected member of The Ramblers, a group of seven enthusiasts who represent one of the most unconventional collections of individuals to ever possess a Grand National champion. Their paths had never crossed until late 2020 when each of them invested £3,000 for a one-seventh stake in Corach Rambler, each driven by their unique motivations.

One member, a Scottish expatriate living in Australia, sought a link to his roots. Another, grieving the recent loss of his spouse, yearned for a renewed sense of purpose. As for Sword, it presented an opportunity to elevate his burgeoning interest in horse racing to a new level. Reflecting on this, he remarked, “It could have been anyone, really.”

“Throughout the Covid era, horse racing continued amidst safety measures like mask-wearing and social distancing, which piqued my interest,” Sword explained. “I delved into extensive research on breeding techniques, handicapping principles, and various other aspects of the sport. Yet, as the pandemic neared its end, horse purchases were scarce, and the last available share was in Corach Rambler.”

The local trainer entrusted with Corach Rambler was Lucinda Russell, whose partner and assistant, Peter Scudamore, secured the horse for £17,000. Following the acquisition, one share was repurchased by the breeder, while the remaining shares were advertised online.

Corach Rambler swiftly triumphed in his debut race for the new ownership consortium at odds of 14-1, quickly accumulating prize money exceeding ten times the initial investment, including two victories at the esteemed Cheltenham Festival. The pinnacle of success arrived when he clinched the £500,000 winner’s purse at the National.

Looking back, Sword acknowledged that this investment not only marked a financial triumph but also signaled a premature peak in his ownership journey.

A year later, however, the excitement persists, with the prospect of greater achievements on the horizon. Having already attained the distinction of owning a Grand National victor, Sword anticipates Corach Rambler’s bid to become only the fourth horse in 125 years to secure back-to-back National victories at Aintree.

Reflecting on the past year, Sword expressed his anticipation for the upcoming National event. “It’s hard to articulate because it’s a different feeling; attending with a previous National winner. Nonetheless, it remains incredibly special, as it’s the most prestigious race on the calendar.”

While Sword remains technically a student, his aspirations in the racing realm have evolved significantly. Establishing a racing syndicate with three horses at the Russell yard, he plans to expand his portfolio and attract new owners in the upcoming season.

Acknowledging the remarkable odds he has defied as an owner, Sword embraces the uncertainty of what lies ahead, cherishing the possibility of sustaining the dream alongside his fellow Ramblers.

As the anticipation builds towards the race, Sword recognizes the diverse narratives woven into the fabric of the Grand National, where every contender embodies a unique story of hope and perseverance. In his words, “The National embodies the essence of possibility, with 34 horses set to compete, each carrying a compelling tale.”

With the race set to commence at approximately 4 pm on Saturday, Sword, along with countless enthusiasts and participants, remains captivated by the infinite possibilities that await in the ensuing minutes.