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Experience the Flavor of Life: Indulge in Classic Radio for Entertaining Information

By Suruchi Kalra Choudhary

On the occasion of World Radio Day (February 13), let’s rekindle a delightful pastime that not only soothes our soul but also calms our senses—an exquisite blend of information and entertainment.

Behold the college campus! Zombies meandering around like sleepwalkers, entranced in their own world, oblivious to life’s happenings, shackled by earbuds tethered to their mobile devices via Bluetooth. These devices seem to devour their senses, leading them into a metaphorical dark dungeon. One must shake them from their reverie to bring them back to the realm of reality from their fantasy world. “Listening to songs” has been a timeless hobby, particularly popular among the youth.

Radio and I were inseparable companions during my formative years. My prized possession was the Panasonic ‘two in one’ device, powered either by an electricity cable or four bulky battery cells. The highlight of the day was the news broadcast, a ritual that demanded absolute silence at home. It was imperative to catch both the Hindi and English news bulletins. Radio honed my quick note-taking skills, especially when preparing to recite the Sanskrit news during the school assembly. Tuning in at 7 am, jotting down the news swiftly, and transcribing them onto paper was a sensory and reflective exercise.

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There was also a phase of ‘sing along’ sessions. While attempting to sing along with the radio, I often struggled with the exact lyrics. This led to the creation of my own shorthand notes using abbreviations, symbols, and fill-in-the-blank techniques in a scrapbook. Subsequently, I would neatly rewrite the lyrics and eagerly await the next broadcast to sing along, matching each word and tune meticulously.

As a product of a generation where board exams covered the syllabi of Classes 9 and 10, I vividly remember studying with the radio as my companion. Mathematics, a subject ingrained in my genes from both paternal and maternal lineage, was often studied with the radio playing in the background. There was a peculiar connection between solving mathematical problems and enjoying Bollywood melodies. I cherished lazy summer afternoons spent reading novels, engaging in hobbies like embroidery or macramé, all while listening to popular Bollywood tunes on the radio.

Even today, during our travels, we tune in to the radio. The hosts seamlessly blend informative segments with thematic songs, creating a utopian atmosphere. The captivating playlist sometimes compels us to sing along, humming a favorite tune throughout the day.

While the present generation boasts an impressive playlist, I am concerned about the immersive and somewhat paralyzing effect of modern technology. Unlike other mediums, the radio accompanies you without engulfing your senses. It allows you to engage in various activities while being part of the surrounding environment, making it a comforting companion.

This World Radio Day (February 13), let us reminisce about the bygone era. Let’s revive a delightful pastime that not only soothes our soul but also calms our senses—a beautiful fusion of information and entertainment. [email protected]