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Gratitude to Inspirational Women: Sophia Bush’s Happiness Peaks

The alum, 41, pondered how she has discovered satisfaction in her life by collaborating with a tight-knit group of women.

Reflecting on her journey, she expressed her current state of contentment, emphasizing that it is a cherished feeling. Speaking at the 2024 Fashion Trust U.S. Awards on Tuesday, April 9, she shared, “I believe one of the key factors contributing to my happiness is the presence of the remarkable women in my life.”

Sophia Bush was present at EMILYs List’s 2023 Pre-Oscars Breakfast held at The Beverly Hilton on March 7, 2023, in Beverly Hills, California.

She highlighted her dedication to various projects and partnerships, mentioning, “I have mapped out three collaborations for this year with groups of women whom I deeply value. The anticipation of these endeavors fills me with great excitement.”

Recently, Bush and Nia Batts co-founded Chiyo, a company focused on enhancing maternal nutrition. Additionally, they are working on a documentary addressing the issue of deep fakes.

In March, Bush and former professional soccer player [ppp1] attended a special gathering at Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence, which brought together 150 influential women from diverse sports backgrounds in partnership with [ppp2] Women’s Sports Foundation.

The event marked a bustling period for Bush and Harris, following reports confirming the evolution of their friendship into a romantic relationship.

Their bond blossomed after Bush parted ways with her husband in August, while Harris separated from her wife and fellow soccer professional the subsequent month.

Since then, Bush and Harris have made joint appearances at various events, including the Elton John AIDS Foundation’s annual Oscars viewing party on March 10, where they mingled with prominent figures, and at the annual art festival in Miami in December 2023.

The duo also celebrated at [ppp3]’s birthday celebration in March, where witnesses observed them displaying affectionate gestures throughout the evening, exuding happiness and joy.

In early January, Bush penned a reflective post on a transformative year that reshaped her perspective.

Expressing a newfound resolve, she affirmed, “No longer will I diminish myself. No longer will I ignore my needs. No longer will I settle for less out of self-doubt. This year has reconnected me with my essence. I had long abandoned it, losing touch with the sensation of truly inhabiting my own body. Now, from head to toe, I feel wholly present within myself. It’s awe-inspiring. It’s revitalizing. It’s affirming,” shared Bush.