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Embracing Solitude: CU Boulder Professor Explores Single Life in Latest Publication

Even as Valentine’s Day approaches, Peter McGraw, a professor at the University of Colorado Boulder and a self-proclaimed bachelor, is fully embracing the “solo life” with his latest book titled “Solo: Building a Remarkable Life of Your Own.”

In his own words, McGraw explains that the essence of his book revolves around transcending one’s relationship status and not allowing it to dictate one’s identity. He emphasizes that an individual’s single or taken status reveals very little about their true self.

The term “solo,” featured prominently in both his book title and podcast, symbolizes a personal journey for McGraw in reclaiming his identity and challenging societal norms that often stigmatize singlehood.

McGraw delves into the societal pressures that dictate certain life milestones, highlighting how not conforming to these expectations can lead to feelings of inadequacy or incompleteness. His academic background in psychology, marketing, and behavioral economics has equipped him with the tools to question conventional thinking and societal standards.

As a scholar well-versed in the data surrounding single living, McGraw acknowledges the increasing trend of adults choosing to remain unmarried. Recent statistics indicate a significant rise in the percentage of adults aged 25 to 54 who have never tied the knot, reflecting a shift in societal norms.

Drawing inspiration from fellow researchers like Kris Marsh, a sociologist renowned for her work on single living, McGraw weaves his personal narrative into a broader conversation about the complexities of singlehood.

Guests on McGraw’s podcast, including scholars like Bella DePaulo, have contributed to the discourse on embracing single life and challenging the societal narrative that equates marriage or long-term relationships with happiness.

McGraw’s message to singles on Valentine’s Day is one of empowerment and liberation from societal expectations. He emphasizes the freedom to live life on one’s own terms, without feeling pressured to conform to traditional romantic gestures associated with the holiday.

For those interested, McGraw will be hosting a book presentation at Denver’s Tattered Cover Book Store on Thursday. His book, “Solo: Building a Remarkable Life of Your Own,” can be purchased through his website.