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Salma Hayek shares a throwback to one of ‘the best days’ of her life alongside François-Henri Pinault

In February, celebrated a significant milestone – her wedding anniversary. A few months later, the 57-year-old star took to Instagram to reflect on the blessing of finding her soulmate, accompanied by a series of heartfelt photos from her special day.

In a post that resonated with many, Hayek expressed her profound gratitude for the presence of in her life. “There are no words to explain the blessing of finding your soulmate,” she said. Salma and François tied the knot on Valentine’s Day of 2009. “For all of you who found it, never take it for granted. For all of you who haven’t, never give up #tbt to one of the best days of my life.”

Inauguration of French billionaire Francois Pinault's collection of contemporary works of art at 18th century Palazzo Grassi in Venice,Italy on April 29,2006.©GettyImages. Francois Henri Pinault and Salma Hayek in Venice,Italy on April 29, 2006.

Accompanying her heartfelt words were three snapshots that offered glimpses into the moments of her wedding day. The first photo captured a candid moment, perhaps a fleeting glance between the bride and groom.

The second photo, a black-and-white snap, showcased the elegance and grace of the bride, Hayek’s two stunning wedding dresses. The third and final photo captured a pivotal moment of the ceremony—the exchange of wedding bands between Hayek and her beloved husband.

As fans and well-wishers flooded the comments section with congratulations and admiration, it was evident that Salma Hayek’s heartfelt tribute had struck a chord with many. “Getting married in court today and having the big party on Saturday 😭❤️🙏 so happy to see this post,” a fan wrote.

“incredibly gorgeous as always!! love you with all my heart ❤️ and glad for you and your love😍 you’re amazing!” another person added.

Hayek and Pinault’s wedding

Hayek and Pinault met at some point in 2006, starting to date shortly after. While Hayek is open about their relationship and her love for her husband, she’s decided to keep to herself how they met. “It’s such a romantic, amazing story, but it is mine,” she said to Town & Country. “I don’t want to vulgarize it by making it into a story to make myself interesting.”

François Pinault : Files Images©GettyImages. Francois-Henri Pinault and Salma Hayek attend the Private viewing of the Exhibition “Where are we going?” on April 29, 2006 in Venice, Italy.

Despite how happy she and Pinault are, she’s discussed her fear of marriage in previous interviews and how her family helped her be brave enough to marry Pinault. “It was like an intervention. I don’t think I ever told this story,” she said to Glamour. “They just took me to the court. My parents, my brother, they were all ganging up on me. I had a phobia of the marriage thing.”