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Surprise Return of Ryan Seacrest on ‘Live’ Unveils Exciting Updates

He has returned!

In a surprising comeback, Ryan Seacrest appeared on “Live” to kick off the show’s renowned “Love Week” on Monday. During his appearance, he disclosed to former co-host Kelly Ripa that there was a new romantic interest in his life.

As Ripa, 53, delved into the topic of love lives and potential new family members, she inquired, “You have a new love in your life?” Seacrest, 49, who was there to promote the upcoming Season 22 of “American Idol,” confirmed the query.

Affirming the presence of a new love, Seacrest revealed that he had recently welcomed a puppy into his life. “Yes,” Seacrest responded with a smile, introducing their new furry family member named Olio, a Labrador retriever. As a photo of the adorable pup graced the screen, both Ripa and Consuelos, 52, couldn’t help but express their delight with affectionate sounds.

Prompted by Consuelos about Seacrest’s other dog, Georgia, the conversation shifted to the dynamics between the pets. Seacrest shared, “Georgia initially seemed unimpressed but has now grown close to Olio.”

In a social media announcement earlier this month, Seacrest had introduced Olio to the world. The “Live” appearance not only confirmed the new addition to his family but also showcased Seacrest’s genuine affection for his pets and the joy they bring to his life.

Reflecting on his departure from “Live” in April 2023, Seacrest expressed the difficulty of the decision, emphasizing the thoughtful consideration that went into making such a significant career move. Despite the challenges, Seacrest’s return to the show exuded warmth and familiarity, marking a memorable moment for both the host and the audience.

During his engaging banter with Ripa and Consuelos, Seacrest playfully teased about their recent vacation and even engaged in a lighthearted competition over shoe heels. The camaraderie and humor shared among the hosts highlighted the enduring bond and chemistry that captivates viewers of “Live with Kelly and Mark.”

Seacrest’s visit on Monday not only reignited the on-screen magic but also hinted at the enduring friendship and camaraderie that define the essence of the show.