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Rivers are Life and Waterhaul Forge Alliance to Boost Global River Cleanups with Innovative Equipment

Pioneering Partnership for River Conservation

Rivers are Life has joined forces with Waterhaul, a UK-based company known for transforming ocean plastics into valuable products, to enhance global river conservation efforts. This collaboration aims to turn public concern into concrete action by introducing co-branded cleanup kits that will empower communities to maintain and preserve their local waterways. A recent survey by SAVANTA highlighted a growing readiness among people to participate in river cleanups, with 59% of respondents planning to clean their local rivers in 2024.

Sustainable Tools for Environmental Stewardship

The cleanup kits, designed for durability and multiple uses, are made entirely from recycled materials to lessen environmental impact. These kits feature unique bags crafted from repurposed sail materials, collapsible litter pickers made from recycled ocean plastics, and litter bag hoops constructed from discarded fishing gear. By supplying these specialized tools at various Rivers are Life events, such as the Baltimore Floatilla and Trout Unlimited Expeditions, the organization aims to inspire and educate younger generations about the importance of aquatic conservation.

A Commitment to Clean Waterways

The collaboration between Rivers are Life and Waterhaul is not just about cleaning up rivers but also about creating a sustainable cycle of reuse and conservation. Kieran Hill from Waterhaul expressed pride in seeing equipment made from harmful ocean debris being used to tackle pollution in rivers, which ultimately lead to the ocean. The initiative underscores the critical role rivers play in our ecosystem and the collective responsibility to keep them pristine. These innovative cleanup kits are now available for presale, with all proceeds supporting river impact projects around the globe. For those looking to join the cause, Rivers are Life provides resources and support for organizing local cleanups, reinforcing the global movement towards healthier waterways.