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Florida Cat Burglar Reveals Break-in Techniques for 200+ Homes

MARION COUNTY, Florida – A cat burglar from Central Florida recently shared details online about her involvement in breaking into “over 200 homes” during her criminal activities.

Official records indicate that Jennifer Gomez, now 40 years old, was apprehended by Marion County deputies in 2011. Subsequently, she was convicted on nine counts of burglary, in addition to charges related to dealing in stolen goods and grand theft.

Following her arrest, Gomez, who was then 28, was sentenced to a decade in prison for her crimes. She was eventually released in February 2020, as confirmed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

In a podcast appearance under the alias “Jen Jen Gomez,” she delved into her experiences behind bars and the tactics she employed during her burglary spree.

During the podcast, Gomez was likened to a “real-life Catwoman” by the host, Ian Bick, as she recounted her upbringing in Jacksonville and the circumstances that led her down the path of burglary.

Gomez revealed insights into her modus operandi, highlighting the following key points from the discussion:

Selecting Targeted Homes

Gomez disclosed that she deliberately chose affluent homes to ensure a profitable outcome. However, she avoided targeting multi-million-dollar properties due to heightened security measures. Drawing from her upbringing, she was adept at recognizing security features that homeowners utilized to safeguard their premises.

Avoiding Risks

To minimize risks, Gomez sought out homes in cul-de-sacs or those adjacent to streets for easy access. She also identified potential hiding spots like trees and privacy fences to evade detection.

Optimal Conditions for Burglary

Preferring rainy days for her operations, Gomez explained that inclement weather reduced the likelihood of encountering people outdoors, aiding in maintaining a low profile.

Execution of the “Ruse”

Gomez detailed her deceptive tactic of posing as a “med spa for dogs” to gain entry into homes. By masquerading in scrubs and adopting a youthful appearance, she deceived homeowners into believing she was there to pick up pets for grooming. Additionally, she employed footwear misdirection and carried a purse to conceal her tools.

Strategic Room Selection

Her primary targets within homes were the master bedroom, an office, and occasionally a guest room. Using specialized tools to breach tempered glass windows, she secured entry and swiftly located valuables before departing.

Handling Pets

To prevent disturbance from household pets, Gomez carried food to pacify dogs and ensure they did not raise the alarm. By offering treats, she could safely confine the animals while carrying out her activities without interference.