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Q&A – The Life Group ED LA Sunnie Rose on 7th Annual Drag Queen World Series – WEHO TIMES West Hollywood News, Nightlife and Events

This weekend marks the 7th Annual featuring the Los Angeles Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence versus The West Hollywood Cheerleaders. The game will be held at Fairfax High School from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Tickets are only $15 pre-sale on the website () or $20 at the game.

Executive Director of The Life Group LA, Sunnie Rose, sat down with WEHO TIMES to talk about why you don’t want to miss the game this coming weekend.

This year is the 7th annual Drag Queen World Series. What should the audience expect?

Lots of fun and silliness on the field and lots of cheering, camaraderie and laughter from the stands, and some yummy Pinks Hot Dogs!

Is there any ongoing rivalry between the Sisters and Cheerleaders?

Everyone is coming together for the causes and support The Life Group LA in a light spirit way, but of course someone wants to win!

Who else will be attending and supporting the event?

Aside from our generous “cast”, West Hollywood Mayor John Erickson, Actor and Singer, Jai Rodriguez, Entertainment Correspondent Karl Schmid, Rev Kathy Cooper Ledesma from the Hollywood Methodist, Red Ribbon Church, Eureka Ohara of Rue Pauls Drag Race, DJ Euro Steve, Cheer LA, Alexander Rodriguez from On the Rocks Radio Show, Fairfax High School Alumni Association and Pinks Hot Dogs, the community at large from Palm Springs to Long Beach and Greater Los Angeles is coming to support the cause and all the players!

There is to be DRAWINGS – any sneak peek what one could score?

Yes, we will be offering an opportunity drawing of some generously offered gifts! We have a donated Roku TV, and a Palm Springs get away! It’s a Three night stay at a high end resort, with $100 dollar gift certificate to 849 Restaurant, and massage for two!

What is one of the funniest things that happened in a past Drag Queen World Series?

So hard to say, there is so much that keeps your belly sore from laughing so hard.. this players go out of their way to entertain, but I might say, what has been embedded in my mind is the sisters yoga in the out field, and or them catching what might have been a home run outfield ball with a butterfly net!

The event supports your charity The Life Group LA can explain a bit what the organization does?

Life Group LA is a powerful coalition of people focused on the spiritual, emotional and physical well-being of people living with a positive status and those who support them through education, empowerment and emotional support. Our work is to assist people so that they may make informed choices and decisions regarding their healthcare and personal well-being.  We  do this by providing free of charge, much needed information, resources, referrals and emotional support through medical forums, emotional support groups, zoom support groups and education programs and the POZ Life Weekend Seminar. All services are offered in a non-judgmental and safe environment with compassion and understanding.

The Life Group LA is based in West Hollywood, what’s are some of your favorite things to do in WEHO?

That too is hard to say, there is so much to do in town now!  I love a great drag show, bingo, festivals, health fairs and some yummy food! One of my favorite places for lunch is Kung Pao Bistro!

Who is benefitting from this event?  

We love that our event is not only benefitting Life Group, but also 2 other community services and programs! The all-important Centennial Celebration of Fairfax High School and the Gender Sexuality Alliance Student Club.  As a Fairfax High School Alumni, proud to have come from a class with the greatest level of diversity and inclusion (class of 79!), and especially during the 100 year anniversary, I felt it a great way to give back to my alma mater and the school club in honor of Dr. Virginia Uribe, my ceramics teacher and the founder of Project 10 (now, Models of Pride) and the GSA’s.


The Drag Queen World Series will be held this Saturday, April 27, 2024, from 1-4pm (rain or shine) at 850 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046 (Enter the softball field on Genesee Blvd by the tennis courts).

The Life Group LA, a 501 c 3 non-profit was founded in 2005 and provides free of charge, much-needed information and emotional support through medical forums, emotional support groups, and the POZ Life Weekend Seminar. All services are offered in a non-judgmental and safe environment with compassion and understanding.  Safety, respect, and confidentiality are the cornerstones of Life Group LA’s philosophy. It is accomplished by providing trained support group facilitators for emotional support groups and POZ Life Weekend Seminars. These facilitators have been trained in the art of active listening and conduct themselves with empathy and compassion.

In a time when the HIV epidemic has surpassed its 43rd year and new HIV infections continue to occur on a daily basis, now more than ever we must continue to provide education and emotional support for people living with HIV and spread the information about PreP to keep others safe from exposure.