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Massive Turnout as Thousands Participate in Warsaw’s National March for Life

Thousands of individuals demonstrated their support for the sanctity of unborn lives and their opposition to the expansion of abortion access during Poland’s National March for Life in Warsaw.

Reported by Karol Darmoros – Warsaw

Organized by the Polish Bishops’ Conference, the National March for Life took place in Warsaw on Sunday, 14 April, themed “Long Live Poland”.

The event served as a platform to champion life and resist proposed legislations seeking to widen abortion access, consequently diminishing protections for unborn children.

Prior to the march, Archbishop Tadeusz Wojda, the President of the Polish Bishop’s Conference, urged the Catholic community in Poland to dedicate the day to prayer in defense of life.

Celebration of Life

Lidia Sankowska-Grabczuk, the spokesperson for the National March for Life, elaborated on the significance of this year’s theme.

“Our march signifies a celebration of life, family, and the fundamental rights of every individual,” she expressed to Vatican News. “In the face of looming changes that threaten parental and human rights, we march as a powerful statement of resistance against demographic decline and the prevailing trends in Europe (…) This day holds great importance for our nation. Every participant in our march has a voice.”

Advocacy for Unborn Children

The demonstration in Warsaw commenced with the amplified heartbeat of an unborn child whose mother was present at the event.

Boguslaw Kiernicki, the President of the St. Benedict Foundation, the organizing body behind the march, affirmed, “We will persist, regardless of the decisions made in the Polish Parliament. We will remain resolute until the rights of unborn children are safeguarded.”

The march, drawing participants from across Poland to Warsaw, aimed to underscore the value of life and the potential each child embodies.

“We are here to emphasize the significance of life, recognizing every child as a blessing. Despite the sacrifices it entails, we acknowledge the invaluable contribution children make. They represent the promise of future scientists and doctors. The untapped potential of those unborn could hold the key to curing diseases and advancing medical discoveries,” shared Ewa Liszkowska, who, accompanied by her husband Tomasz and their five children from Poznań, conveyed her sentiments to Vatican News.

Support for Women Post-Childbirth

Teresa Janowska from the Gaudium Vitae Association in Gdynia underscored the necessity of supporting pregnant women during and after childbirth.

“We extend our assistance to women post-delivery, even before official state support kicks in,” Ms. Janowska affirmed. “There is a misconception that the Church neglects or lacks interest in aiding women who choose to give birth. We aim to dispel this notion.”

Preceding the National March for Life were masses held at two cathedrals in Warsaw – St. John the Baptist Archcathedral and the Warsaw-Praga Cathedral of St. Michael the Archangel and St. Florian.

A parallel march advocating for life also took place on the same day in Szczecin, a city in northwestern Poland.