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Dan Fishback’s New EP: A Poignant Exploration of Identity Amidst Political Turmoil

Reflective Artistry in Music and Visuals

Dan Fishback, a renowned playwright and songwriter based in Brooklyn, is preparing to release his new EP titled *Ill I: Laughing With Lizards* on February 16. This upcoming release powerfully captures Fishback’s experiences living as a chronically ill, queer Jewish artist during a time characterized by the rise of fascism. The EP features a unique music video for its title track, complete with hand-drawn animations by Fishback himself, directed and co-edited alongside Sean Puglisi, enhancing the lyrical narrative with visual storytelling.

Cultural Resilience Through Music

In *Ill I: Laughing With Lizards*, Fishback unveils the first of three planned EPs, each delving into the complexities of his personal health struggles juxtaposed with broader socio-political unrest. The music speaks to the confusion and chaos both within the individual and the larger societal fabric, embodied in the track ‘Laughing with Lizards,’ which metaphorically addresses the struggle against injustice while drawing strength from historical acts of resistance. This project was sparked by an ironic moment at a 2016 gala by the Zionist Organization of America, where the commendation of an antisemitic figure highlighted a disturbing rise in domestic antisemitism, prompting Fishback’s exploration into the absurdity and terror of contemporary fascism.

Artistic Legacy and Upcoming Contributions

Fishback’s journey in music and theater, deeply rooted in NYC’s Lower East Side anti-folk scene since 2003, has consistently tackled complex themes through his art. With this latest work, he continues to challenge audiences, blending deep personal introspection with critical social commentary. The EP’s rich compositions were brought to life with the collaboration of producer Matt Katz and sound engineer Corey Tut, with cover art titled “Tourist (BRAF V600E Mutation J/6) (Detail)” by Avram Finkelstein, encapsulating the thematic essence of the EP. Through *Ill I: Laughing With Lizards*, Fishback not only revisits his roots but also connects with a broader narrative of cultural resilience and identity affirmation in challenging times.