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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) – As we roll into February, it’s fair to say this winter has been a little underwhelming. However, since Wisconsin is a four-season state, you won’t have to look too far to find something to do. The Communications Officer for Travel Wisconsin says there is something to do in every corner of the state all year long.Amanda Weibel says wintertime is the perfect chance to visit Wisconsin’s many museums, and one great spot to visit is the new food and farm exploration center in Plover.“They have a ton of fun hands-on exhibits and programming to learn about modern agriculture. So, you can actually sit in a tractor simulator and feel like you’re driving the tractor yourself. You can check out some new farming equipment. There’s fun for the whole family. They also have the world’s largest potato masher statue outside; it stands nearly 39 feet tall. So, you’re going to get some really fun photos,” said Weibel.Some destinations are a little farther away.“Another great activity to check out is exploring underground, Wisconsin has some really fun caves to check out, you can head to Crystal Cave in northwestern Wisconsin, it’s in Spring Valley. The cave is actually seven stories underground, and it’s the longest cave in Wisconsin. There’s also Cave of the Mounds in Blue Mounds. And it’s another fantastic cave tour, and they’re known for their colorful formations,” said Weibel.And if you’re getting ready to make your summer vacation plans, you won’t need to book a flight, she says there’s lots to see here.“I think one unexpected activity to enjoy during the summer is whitewater rafting, you might not think of that in Wisconsin, but Wisconsin has 500 miles of whitewater rivers. And so, you can actually take a guided adventure Wildman Adventure Resort goes out on the Menominee River. They have a fantastic guide where you can get out and do some whitewater rafting.”It doesn’t matter where you are in Wisconsin.“In every corner of the state, we’re seeing people travel for something unique that it has to offer, whether you’re going to the north woods for outdoor recreation, you’re exploring the Great River Road along the Mississippi River, you’re heading to our larger cities or smaller towns for the festivals, events in the culinary scene, really, people have so much to explore in Wisconsin, and we’re seeing them in every corner of the state,” said Weibel.A recent Pew Research Center study found nearly half of workers don’t use paid time off, but 62% say it’s extremely important to have PTO. The study also showed that simply planning a vacation can improve your mental and physical health. Amanda says you don’t need to travel across the country to relax since Wisconsin is a 4-season state, there is always something to do. You can visit a museum, go shopping, check out the state’s underground caves, or unwind at an indoor water park. She says getting in the car and staying overnight makes it feel different from being at home.“Vacation is a state of mind. I think anytime you’re getting out exploring, doing something new making memories, you know, that’s a vacation and, and I think that’s so great about Wisconsin, you don’t have to travel far you can, it’s a big state, there’s a lot to explore. So, get in the car, stay overnight, make it feel a little more different from being at home,” said Weibel.A list of resources are available from Travel Wisconsin on their website to help you plan your next family vacation. Click here for a link.Copyright 2024 WSAW. All rights reserved.

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