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Fayette County Resident Sentenced to Dual Life Terms for Double Homicide Convictions

Severe Sentencing for Grisly Double Murder

In Fayette County, WV, Carl B. Cox, aged 62, received two consecutive life sentences for the first-degree murder of two individuals. The sentences, handed down on April 22, 2024, follow his conviction which resulted from a five-day jury trial concluded on February 16, 2024. Despite the jury’s recommendation for the possibility of parole after 30 years, reflecting some degree of mercy, the gravity of the crimes ensures a lengthy incarceration.

Murder Details and Investigation Insights

The events leading to Cox’s conviction began with a distressing 911 call on January 29, 2022, about a shooting at Cox’s Dempsey Road residence. Upon arrival, Cox alleged to law enforcement that his son-in-law, James A. “Jimmy” Neal, II, had fired a shot that hit his daughter, Rhonda M. Cox. Contrary to his claims of a defensive response after Neal shot at him and Rhonda, evidence indicated both victims were likely shot in their sleep, given the trajectory and location of the bullets found in the bedroom.

Evidence Contradicts Defense Claims

Further investigations compromised Cox’s defense; surveillance footage from the home contradicted his testimony, showing him approaching the bedroom armed, moments before the shots were fired. This footage displayed no signs of the struggle Cox described. The pivotal testimony came from fellow inmates who claimed Cox admitted to the premeditated murder of Neal and implicated himself in a fatal altercation with Rhonda when she tried to intervene.

Additional testimonies suggested a deeply troubling motive behind the killings, linked to alleged past sexual and incestuous abuse between Cox and his daughter Rhonda during her childhood. These allegations were corroborated by members of Cox’s own family, painting a sinister picture of the events leading to the tragic night. This complex backdrop of familial betrayal and hidden violence culminated in a court ruling that likely puts Cox behind bars for the remainder of his life, marking a somber resolution to a shocking case of domestic violence and premeditated murder.

In essence, the dual life sentences underscore the severity and premeditated nature of Cox’s crimes within his own family, reflecting both a legal closure and a poignant reminder of the hidden dynamics that can precipitate such tragedies.