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Oklahoma mother receives life sentence for shooting her kids

An mother who carried out the fatal shootings of two of her children while they were asleep has been handed a life sentence.

Oklahoma mother Amy Leann Hall, 43, has been sentenced to life in prison for executing two of her children while they slept. She also shot her daughter, 14, in the head, who survived

Amy Leann Hall, aged 43, admitted her guilt in the case.

In a tragic turn of events, Hall also fired a gunshot at her 14-year-old daughter, who miraculously survived the attack. Subsequently, she attempted to evade capture by engaging law enforcement in a high-speed pursuit reaching 110mph, culminating in her apprehension.

In response to the sentencing this week, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Oklahoma, Christopher J. Wilson, expressed, ‘The horrific violence visited upon this family was unimaginable, and nothing will ever make things right.’

Kayson, 18, was shot in the head by his mother while he slept in November 2018. He was standout senior running back on the Beggs High School football team

The night of the tragedy saw Hall enter her son Kayson’s room while he was asleep and fatally shoot him in the head.

Kayson, a prominent athlete on the Beggs High School football team, had excelled in his senior year before the tragic incident.

Moving on to another bedroom where her daughters, aged 14 and 16, were situated, Hall proceeded to shoot them both in the head.

While Khloee succumbed to her injuries after being rushed to a Tulsa hospital and declared brain dead, her 14-year-old sibling, whose identity remains undisclosed, survived the ordeal with a head injury.

The surviving daughter managed to persuade Hall to relinquish the firearm she intended to use on herself, earning praise from law enforcement for her courageous actions in the face of danger.

Daughter, Kloee, 16, died from her injuries four days after being shot and declared brain dead

Hall’s son had a friend spending the night during the incident, and it was this individual who alerted authorities at 6:30 am upon discovering the harrowing scene in the residence.

Following the shootings, Hall absconded from the premises and engaged in a high-speed pursuit with law enforcement, reaching speeds of 110mph over a four-mile stretch before being apprehended.

Initially professing ignorance regarding the motive behind the shootings, Hall’s estranged husband had previously alleged her struggles with severe psychological challenges.

Subsequently, Hall posited that she had committed the heinous act to shield her children from her estranged husband, whom she accused of being abusive. However, law enforcement officer Duston Todd clarified that these assertions lacked substantiation.

The couple had been embroiled in a bitter custody battle since 2016, predating the tragic events by two years.

Having been in custody since the crimes were committed, Hall entered a guilty plea to the charges of murder in November 2022.

Reflecting on the life sentence handed down this week, U.S. Attorney Christopher J. Wilson reiterated, ‘The horrific violence visited upon this family was unimaginable, and nothing will ever make things right. Nevertheless, justice requires a careful consideration of all facts, including the interests of the surviving victim. Based on these considerations, the United States recommended a life sentence be imposed in this case.’