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Revitalizing the Wagon Wheel in Choteau: A Fresh Start

Choteau Transformation: The Revival of the Wagon Wheel

In Choteau, the Wagon Wheel has been an enduring establishment for many years. Originally serving as a schoolhouse, it later transitioned into a dive bar in 1941 before undergoing a series of changes leading to its eventual closure.

Recently, new owners, Janice and Cecil Goodman, have taken the reins with a mission to not only revive but also revamp the bar. The establishment is set to make a comeback with a fresh identity – the Wagon Wheel Bar & Grill.

Janice Goodman, an advocate for historic preservation, has collaborated with Chuck Gameon from Game-On Repurposing and manager Heidi Snyder to infuse the essence of the old Wagon Wheel into its new avatar.

The interior design reflects a blend of history and innovation, with tables crafted from reclaimed bowling lanes and table legs repurposed from old schoolhouse wood. Even the light fixtures have been ingeniously fashioned from antique turkey feeders.

“Janice and I share a passion for history, salvage, and aged wood. The aesthetic we are aiming for, that rustic charm, resonates with both of us,” remarks Gameon.

Gameon’s craftsmanship shines through in various wooden elements such as the wall cooler doors, bar shelves, and a message board showcasing daily specials, exceeding initial expectations.

Snyder is enthusiastic about introducing a dynamic menu that will evolve with the seasons. She has enlisted two seasoned head chefs with a combined experience of 30 years to lead the culinary team.

Heidi Snyder reveals that locally sourced beef will feature prominently on the menu. An intriguing initiative is underway to invite nearby farms to imprint their logos on the restaurant’s back wall, paying tribute to the region’s agricultural heritage and echoing a tradition from 1941 when ranchers were welcomed to brand their logos at the Wagon Wheel.

“We are reaching out to local ranchers to showcase their brands. I have prepared invitations stating that their brand will serve as their entry pass,” Snyder explains.

Furthermore, plans are in place to introduce outdoor seating with a unique grain bin bar, accompanied by an array of games and recreational activities. Entertainment offerings are also on the agenda, promising delightful surprises for patrons.

While an official opening date is pending, Snyder anticipates a launch within the coming month.

Experience the charm of the Wagon Wheel Bar & Grill located at 25 Second Street NW. For further details, visit the website or check out their Facebook page.