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“Nevada Chiefs Enthusiast Lands Dream Role as Key Team Support”

Former-Marine Attributes Facebook and His Mother for Assisting Him in Securing Dream Job

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NEVADA, Mo. — A Nevada resident views this Sunday’s Super Bowl as an opportunity to fulfill a childhood aspiration once again. Discover how he transformed a new experience into an opportunity to guide the Chiefs onto the field.

“From childhood to the present, it has truly been a dream realized,” expressed Jason Claspill, Chiefs Flag Runner.

Claspill’s voyage to Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas commenced in 2011.

“I owe my gratitude to my mother for this opportunity,” Jason acknowledged.

He recounted how his mother spotted a Facebook advertisement calling for participants.

“I was initially skeptical. Why would they select someone from Nevada, MO, which is over an hour away, to join the team? Nevertheless, I viewed it as an experience and decided to enjoy the process,” he shared.

Just two weeks later, the devoted Chiefs supporter found himself on the team.

“It is rare to have the best job in the world, but I genuinely believe that myself and my fellow colleagues who share my role have the most incredible job on the planet, no doubt about it.”

Interestingly, Claspill noted that his time in the Marines prepared him for this “best job on Earth.”

“During my time in the Marines, I served as the company guidon, leading our company during runs or marches.”

This upcoming Super Bowl will mark his second time carrying the colors for Chiefs Kingdom. His first experience was during the 2020 game, also against the 49ers, but held in Miami.

In 2021, due to Covid restrictions, teams were unable to bring additional personnel when the Chiefs faced the Buccaneers in Tampa Bay.

Furthermore, during the game against the Eagles last year, a group of flag carriers who missed out on previous opportunities were selected.

Despite his prior experience, Claspill admits to still feeling pregame jitters.

“Excitement keeps me up at night. I have only managed a few hours of sleep each night this past week. I woke up two hours before my alarm this morning.”

When questioned about injuries, he mentioned fortunately experiencing few.

“I once strained my hamstring slightly during a route and had to ease up on it.”

His teammates enjoy teasing him about it.

“When the cold weather arrives, we always joke, ‘Hey, is your hamstring going to hold up, Jason?’ Yes, it will. The old man’s hamstring is perfectly fine.”

Jason assures everyone that his hamstring is in good shape and is now fully focused on one goal: aiding the Chiefs in securing a third championship ring.