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NBA Lifetime Ban for Jontay Porter over Gambling Scandal

DENVER — Jontay Porter, a two-way player for the Toronto Raptors, has been permanently banned from the NBA due to his involvement in disclosing confidential information to sports bettors and placing bets on games, including betting against his own team, the Raptors.

Commissioner Adam Silver, in his decision to ban Porter, emphasized the importance of upholding the integrity of NBA competition. Porter’s actions were deemed “blatant violations” of the league’s gaming rules, warranting severe consequences.

The investigation was initiated after the NBA was alerted by licensed sports betting operators and a betting monitoring organization about suspicious betting activities surrounding Porter’s performance during a game against Sacramento on March 20. It was discovered that Porter shared insider information about his health status with a bettor before the game, leading to a substantial bet against him meeting specific performance targets. Porter subsequently underperformed in the game, causing the bet to potentially win $1.1 million.

Porter’s decision to withdraw from the game due to illness after playing for less than three minutes raised red flags, prompting further scrutiny. The league confirmed that Porter engaged in unauthorized betting activities, violating the NBA’s strict regulations outlined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Moreover, Porter, the brother of Denver Nuggets player Michael Porter Jr., was found to have placed multiple bets on NBA games using another individual’s betting account, totaling over \(54,000 with net winnings exceeding \)21,000. These bets did not coincide with any games in which Porter participated.

The NBA, while supportive of legal sports betting, remains committed to maintaining transparency and fair play within the league. Silver underscored the need for a robust regulatory framework to address issues like the ones involving Porter, emphasizing collaboration with industry stakeholders to safeguard the integrity of the NBA.

Porter’s future in professional basketball remains uncertain following this scandal, as the league continues its investigation into his activities. Colorado gaming regulators are also actively looking into Porter’s extensive betting history, spanning from 2021 to 2023, which allegedly involved millions of dollars in wagers through a VIP account registered in Colorado.

The NBA’s prohibition on players and staff engaging in any form of betting underscores the seriousness of Porter’s transgressions and the potential repercussions he may face beyond the league’s disciplinary measures.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.