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National Guard Member Appointed as Director of Life Advocacy at Maryland Catholic Conference

Diane Arias has recently taken on a significant role as the Associate Director for Respect Life Advocacy at the Maryland Catholic Conference. Beginning her tenure in January, she has immersed herself deeply in the legislative season, working closely with both the General Assembly and the governor on critical matters that may impact the church’s policy directives.

Diane Arias, a Colorado native, comes to the MCC with a scientific background, earning bachelor’s degrees in 2020 in allied health chemistry and cellular molecular biology from Adams State University in Alamoso, Colo. (Kevin J. Parks/CR Staff)

Holding an impressive educational background with dual bachelor’s degrees in allied health chemistry and cellular molecular biology from Adams State University, Diane brings a unique scientific perspective to the MCC. Since the legislative session’s start, she has ardently defended the sanctity of life, opposing physician-assisted suicide, contesting the expansion of abortion funding, and advocating for comprehensive protections from conception until natural death. Moreover, Diane is dedicated to raising awareness and combating human trafficking within Maryland.

This summer, the University of Maryland plans to initiate a new training scheme, investing $10.6 million in a state-funded program aimed at broadening abortion services in Maryland by training nurses and physician assistants alongside doctors. Diane’s reaction to this development reflects a broader national trend following the Supreme Court’s 2022 Dobbs decision. While some states move to limit abortion rights, others, like Maryland, are expanding them. Diane expressed concern over the increased investment in abortion facilities, contrasting sharply with the inadequate support for pregnancy centers that offer vital life-affirming services, such as support for continuing pregnancies and prenatal care.

Before her role at the MCC, Diane served as a customer care representative for Colorado’s FAMLI program and remains an active member of the Army National Guard, duties that require her to maintain a rigorous schedule of service and training. Her multifaceted experience in science, business administration, and military service uniquely qualifies her to navigate the complex landscape of public policy and advocacy at the Maryland Catholic Conference. Diane’s diverse skills enable her to engage effectively with a range of policies and bills, appreciating the legal expertise of her colleagues at MCC and championing the values of life and dignity in her advocacy work.