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Mophie’s new juice pack case adds 50% more battery life to iPhone 15, now available

The new mophie juice pack iPhone 15 battery case is . The brand is well known around here for its range of cases, charging gear, and more – we loved our time with its and I still use its gorgeous to this day. But today we are focused on the latest edition to its iPhone 15 case lineup that combines smartphone protection and to extend the life of your device. Now , you can get more details on the new mophie juice pack battery iPhone 15 case below.

Mophie’s new juice pack iPhone 15 battery case

mophie says the new juice pack “provides power, capacity, and protection for your iPhone 15.” Set within its matte-finished black case design, you’ll find a 2,400mAh internal battery on the 15 Pro model (the Pro Max model is listed as having a 3,000mAh battery) that is said to provide up to 50% more battery life to your handset. The brand says the pack delivers up to 44 hours of talk time, up to 44 hours of music playback, and up to 11 hours of video playback.

You’ll find an onboard LED power indicator to “show you the current battery level and charge status” as well as a standby/status button – “use the button to turn the juice pack battery on and off and to check the battery level.”

With the priority charging in place here, power sent through the USB-C port will get channeled directly to our iPhone first, and then begin charging the case’s internal battery.

While some folks might prefer to carry around an additional power bank for some extra juice when away from an outlet for extended periods, the juice pack adds this capability directly to the back of your device if you’re willing sacrifice on a bit of that slender feel of a traditional case (although it does look quite thin, all things considered).

As for the actual case aspect of the package here, mophie says it is employing up to 50% post-consumer recycled plastics for a more environmentally build. You’ll also find the usual level of protection on a case of this nature (this one is rated for “up to 6 feet of drop protection”) alongside raised edges surrounding the camera array around back and the display on the front side.

The new mophie juice pack is for iPhone 15, 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max. That’s certainly not a cheap case, but when you factor in the typical price of purchasing a case and a power bank from brand like mophie, it isn’t overly crazy.