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Mother Faces Charges Following Baby Girl’s Severe Burn Injuries

In Wyoming, Michigan, a mother is now facing charges of felony child abuse following an incident where her nine-month-old daughter was brought to the hospital with a broken wrist and extensive burns covering more than 16% of her body.

Initially, Berline C. Burkholder claimed to authorities that she had left her daughter with an unknown Uber driver while she stayed at a hotel. However, her story quickly unraveled, and she confessed to wrongdoing.

The events transpired around December 20 at a residence on Hudson Street SW near Cleveland Avenue. Burkholder was initially accused of providing false information to law enforcement and failing to promptly seek medical attention for the child. Subsequently, child abuse charges were added to the case.

The child was admitted to Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital on December 20 with severe burns and a non-accidental wrist fracture. Investigations revealed inconsistencies in Burkholder’s statements through interviews and various records.

Medical professionals emphasized the critical nature of seeking immediate treatment for the child’s injuries to prevent life-threatening conditions like hypovolemic shock. The burns were assessed to be caused by scalding liquid poured over the baby while she was lying down, with additional burns on her toes indicating a separate exposure.

It was determined that the injuries inflicted on the infant could not have been self-inflicted due to her age. Burkholder is currently in custody with a bond set at $20,000, awaiting a probable cause conference in Wyoming District Court.