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Minister backs family’s appeal for killer given whole-life sentence to stay in jail

A cabinet minister has urged justice secretary not to release a diagnosed with terminal , after his victim’s family were told

Victor Farrant, now aged in his 70s, brutally murdered his ex-girlfriend Gloria Hoskins, 43, in in 1996 by holding her underwater in her bath.

Just six weeks prior to her death, he had attacked another woman at her home in , Hampshire, and had previously served 12 years for rape and other offences.

After a manhunt led to him being arrested in the south of France, he was handed a whole-life order, with a judge at Winchester Crown Court telling him: “This murder was so terrible, and you are so dangerous, that in your case the sentence of life should mean just that.”

Glenda Hoskins was murdered in 1996 by her former boyfriend Farrant at her Portsmouth home.

However, in February, Mrs Hoskins’ family were told by probation officials that Farrant was being considered for release on health grounds and were asked if they wished for an exclusion zone to be added to his terms of licence.

Supporting the family in their campaign for Farrant to remain behind bars is Penny Mordant, the MP for Portsmouth North, who has argued that

She said in a letter to Mr Chalk: “Mr Farrant should never be released. He is a danger to women and has demonstrated repeatedly, that he cannot be reformed.

“I find it deeply troubling that a man such as Mr Farrant is being considered for release on compassionate grounds when it is evident, he displayed no compassion towards his victims.”

In a letter to the multi-agency public protection panel, Mrs Hoskins’ son Ian said the thought of Farrant receiving compassionate release made his “blood boil”.

Ian Hoskins said the prospect of Farrant being released on compassionate grounds made his ‘blood boil’.

“Our mother was murdered and subjected to months of terror and stalking by this vile creature – where’s her compassion?,” he said.

Her family added: “Victor Farrant is an incredibly dangerous man with a hatred of women – if he is sick and dying then I’m afraid this makes him even more dangerous.

“What has he got to lose by killing/raping again if he knows he has only months to live.”

Following the MAPPA meeting on Wednesday, the case will got to Mr Chalk , who will either grant or deny the application for early release from prison.

A Ministry of Justice spokesman said in a previous statement: “Glenda Hoskins’ murder was a horrific crime and our thoughts remain with her family and friends.

“Prisoners are only released on compassionate grounds in exceptional circumstances following strict risk assessments and no formal application has yet been made in this case.”