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Police Officer from Minden Acknowledged for Saving Injured Deputy’s Life

MINDEN, Louisiana – After finishing his shift on the evening of January 30, Minden Police Sergeant Reece Tewell was on his way home to Sarepta when a routine drive turned into a critical moment. Responding to a 911 alert around 6:22 p.m., Tewell learned that an officer, later identified as his longtime friend and schoolmate, Webster Parish Sheriff’s Sergeant Aaron Barnes, had been seriously injured and was down on the roadway.

Driving north on U.S. Highway 371 near Whispering Pines Church, Tewell hurried towards the scene upon seeing the flashing blue lights. Upon arrival, witnessing Barnes on the ground, Tewell immediately sprang into action, realizing the severity of the situation.

Barnes had been struck by a vehicle while he was directing traffic, causing him to be thrown over the hood of a wrecker that was about to tow a stalled vehicle. Witnesses later mentioned that the vehicle did not seem to slow down despite the 55 mph speed limit in the area.

Assessing the situation, Tewell noticed Barnes’ severe injuries, including a significant cut on his rear end, a serious cut to his forehead, a broken tailbone, hip, ankle, and road rash. Drawing upon his more than 16 years of experience as a volunteer firefighter with EMT training, Tewell swiftly took control of the situation.

Utilizing his medical kit, Tewell managed to staunch the bleeding from a four-inch deep, seven-inch long gash on Barnes’ rear end before further medical assistance arrived. Sheriff Jason Parker acknowledged Tewell’s decisive actions, stating that his prompt response likely saved Barnes’ life, considering the distance of the nearest EMT units and the critical condition of the victim.

For his heroic efforts that night, Tewell was awarded a Life Saving Award by Sheriff Parker on behalf of the Webster Parish Sheriff’s Office. The plaque presented to Tewell commended his selfless dedication and courage in risking his own safety to save another human life.

Both Sheriff Parker and Minden Chief of Police Jared McIver praised Tewell’s bravery and highlighted the spirit of cooperation among law enforcement agencies in the region. Barnes, who underwent successful surgery and is now recovering at home, expressed deep gratitude towards Tewell, acknowledging him as the savior who prevented him from succumbing to his injuries.

Looking ahead, Barnes eagerly anticipates introducing Tewell to his family, especially his young son who recognizes Tewell as the hero who ensured his father’s safe return home.