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Tragic End: Public Servant Michael Hoosock, Dedicated Husband and Father, Killed in Line of Duty

Syracuse, New York – Michael Hoosock embarked on his journey in public service during his teenage years, culminating in a tragic end on Sunday night, 22 years later, when he was fatally shot while on duty at a [location not specified].

Hoosock, a 37-year-old resident of Clay, had an illustrious 16-year tenure with the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office. Additionally, he dedicated his time as a volunteer firefighter, holding the rank of captain at the Moyers Corners Fire Department.

Married with three young children, Hoosock was among those responding to a call on Darien Drive in Salina when the unfortunate incident occurred. Sheriff Toby Shelley recounted that Hoosock, upon hearing the ominous sound of a gun being readied, took cover behind a maple tree in a neighboring yard. Tragically, the suspected assailant, [name not provided], armed with a Springfield AR-15, a military-style weapon, fatally shot Hoosock from his back deck before turning the weapon on Syracuse Police Officer Michael Jensen, resulting in another fatality. The assailant met his demise in a subsequent confrontation with law enforcement.

Colleagues and friends, still grappling with the loss, affectionately referred to Hoosock as “Hootch” and held him in high regard for his unwavering commitment to public service.

Described as a devoted family man, a jovial storyteller, and an avid fan of the rock band Def Leppard, Hoosock left a lasting impact on those around him with his infectious positivity and unflappable demeanor.

Hoosock’s journey in public service commenced during his teenage years with the Lyncourt Fire Department, later transitioning to the Moyers Corners Fire Department where he eventually rose to the rank of captain.

In 2007, Hoosock joined the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office, where he excelled in various roles including detective, tactical flight officer, bomb squad commander, police instructor, and field training officer. He also served part-time as a certified paramedic with the Manlius Fire Department.

Recognized for his valor and exemplary service, Hoosock received multiple accolades throughout his career, including a Medal of Valor in 2020 for his courageous actions during a critical incident at the Regional Transportation Center in Syracuse.

Hoosock’s legacy of selflessness and dedication to duty was further exemplified in his receipt of the Deputy of the Year award in 2012 for his role in a high-stakes confrontation with an armed individual at the same transportation center.

County Executive Ryan McMahon aptly described Hoosock as an “incredible human being,” highlighting his profound impact on the community and his unwavering commitment to service.

Survived by his wife and three children, aged 3, 5, and 7, Hoosock’s untimely passing has left a void in the hearts of many. Sheriff Shelley expressed his condolences and solidarity with Hoosock’s family during this difficult time.

In a poignant Facebook post from 2015, Hoosock shared his perspective on the firefighting profession, emphasizing the importance of unity, continuous improvement, and unwavering support for one another in the face of adversity.

If you have memories or information to share about Lt. Michael Hoosock, please reach out to staff writer Tim Knauss at: | | 315-470-3023.