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Mike Serves Natalie Divorce Papers During ’90 Day: The Single Life’ Tell-All

The latest segment of the tell-all special for the current season of the show aired on TLC this Monday, showcasing a poignant and intense moment between Natalie and Mike. During filming, Mike made the difficult decision to present Natalie with divorce papers, with the assistance of a fellow cast member.

Their tumultuous journey was documented on the show, highlighting Natalie’s move from Ukraine to rural Washington to be with Mike. Right from the start, conflicts arose as Natalie expressed her reluctance to settle in Washington, preferring to chase her aspirations in the entertainment industry. Despite their ups and downs, the couple eventually tied the knot. However, the relationship took a turn when Natalie pursued a romance with another man and relocated to Florida and later to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams. The current season of “90 Day: The Single Life” unraveled a different narrative, deviating from Natalie’s anticipated trajectory.

During the tell-all episode, Mike appeared visibly surprised by Natalie’s reaction, emphasizing their separation. Another cast member, Josh, echoed similar sentiments, pointing out Natalie’s indecisiveness as she parted ways with Mike despite his willingness to start a family with her while they were still married. Mike revealed his involvement in a new serious relationship that had blossomed over the past six months. He initiated the divorce proceedings, and to Natalie’s shock, the divorce papers were served by Debbie, as Mike could not do so himself due to legal constraints. The emotional moment left Natalie in disbelief, prompting the cast to advise her to take time before signing the papers, considering her evident confusion.

Amidst tears and revelations, Mike assured Natalie that their divorce would not hinder his plans to bring her mother to the U.S. However, tensions escalated as another cast member expressed anger towards Debbie, labeling her actions as “cruel.” Despite conflicting opinions within the group, Mike justified his decision as an inevitable outcome after years of discord, emphasizing his commitment to honesty. The episode further unraveled intense exchanges between Mama Debbie and Miss Debbie, culminating in a heated argument.

Natalie’s reluctance towards the divorce was palpable, as she reflected on the intricate connection between her past choices and the uncertain future ahead. Meanwhile, Mike expressed his desire to move forward in his new relationship, envisioning a future that included starting a family. Amidst emotional confrontations and unresolved issues, the dynamics between the cast members continued to evolve, revealing underlying tensions and alliances.