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Bridging Generational Divides: McCann Japan and SAFARI Introduce “Second Life” Initiative

As the world’s third-largest clothing market, Japan has been witnessing a growing fascination with vintage fashion, particularly in light of sustainability issues surrounding the fast-fashion sector.

In Japan, there exists a custom known as “Shukatsu” or end-of-life decluttering, where older individuals part ways with surplus possessions. The market worth of these discarded items is estimated to surpass one trillion yen, signifying a substantial business prospect. However, for the elderly, discarding their belongings can evoke feelings of relinquishing a part of their lives, posing a poignant challenge. Conversely, younger generations appreciate the value of vintage and secondhand goods, esteeming the uniqueness and narratives associated with these items. This trend, termed “human consumption,” revolves around deriving entertainment and inspiration from the lives and anecdotes of others.

By amalgamating these two trends, McCann and SAFARI have devised a novel business approach – integrating the life stories of older individuals into their personal belongings and marketing them to the younger demographic, thereby crafting a fresh shopping experience.

Recently launched in March, SAFARI’s new online platform, “SECOND LIFE,” serves as a hub where individuals can procure second-hand apparel accompanied by their distinctive histories. The digital store portrays the clothing articles as cinematic marvels, infusing vitality into the garments by narrating the special tales behind each piece – from initial rendezvous to cherished moments with companions. Unveiling the rich narratives linked to each garment not only captivates but also motivates the upcoming generation to value and preserve their possessions.

McCann Japan + SAFARI launch “Second Life” to bridge the gap between the elderly and Gen Z

Upon purchase, buyers receive their selected item alongside its corresponding “story” and a postcard featuring an image inspired by the narrative. Additionally, the item is furnished with a “clothing label” delineating the emotional components that underpin the story.

Kazz Ishihara, ECD at McCann Worldgroup, remarked, “During our conversations with the elderly regarding their clothing-related memories, we witnessed sheer delight on their faces. Subsequently, we opted to employ their narratives as cues for an AI-generated image. The artistic direction encompasses soft, pastel hues to evoke a nostalgic, tender, and inviting ambiance.”

Yusuke Tajima from SAFARI expressed, “Through operating our vintage store, we have catered to numerous elderly clients. This experience has underscored the notion that each garment encapsulates a unique “story,” whether stemming from the owner’s recollections or distinctive style. We firmly believe that these “stories” inherently bestow value upon the items. This realization prompted the inception of our project. Our aspiration is for these vintage pieces to act as a conduit bridging the elderly with the younger populace.”

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